Nico has never had many friends, due to his constant moving caused by his father's military status. He's been in and out of so many schools he normally never has time to form a connection with anyone. After his father's death, he and his mom make their last move, and Nico meets someone he never would've expected.


3. Chapter Three


Chapter Three


"Ugh! WHAT?!"

"You’re going to be late if you don't get up now!" his mother yelled back.

"Shit." Nico whispered to himself as he hurriedly gathered the outfit he'd sat out the night before. He doesn't normally set out his clothes but he couldn't sleep, new school anxiety.

Nico jumped into the shower and washed quickly, barely drying off and throwing on his clothes. His hair needed the most attention, but thankfully obeyed his comb as he styled.

"How late am I?!" He yelled as he ran into the kitchen. His mother only giggled in response and pointed at the microwave clock, 6:54. "MOM!!!" He didn't have to be at school until 8.

"I couldn't help myself! You want your hair to dry before school starts anyways!" she said, still giggling like a teenager.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." he grumbled as he walked back to his room, granola bar in hand, to grab his phone and to stuff all his supplies into his backpack.

"Oh, and you might want to get to school early, to find your classes and all that." Nico nodded,

"That’s a good idea, thanks mom." He said, hugging her as he walked out the front door.

"Have a good day sweetie!" she yelled as he pulled out of the driveway. She waited until he rounded the corner to rush back inside and dial out on the home phone, "The eagle has left the nest! I repeat the eagle has left the nest!!" She heard giggling on the other side of the line,

"Thanks Miss R." She smiled into the phone,

"No, thank you."


Nico got to school at 7:20. It was only a ten minute drive, when you didn't get lost.

"Oh joy." Nico said to himself as he exited his car, "Another place to get lost."

"I wouldn't be so sure of that!" A feminine voice yelled back at him. As he turned to see who the unwanted comment came from, his eyes were assaulted by a streak of blonde hair as the girl attached herself to him. "I missed you so much sweetie!"

Nico couldn't believe it. He pulled her off him to get a look at her face, "Ashley?" The smile on her face was so huge it looked painful. "ASHLEY!!" He pulled her back in for a bone crushing hug, "What are you doing here!?" He exclaimed, still not letting the blonde go.

"Your mom thought it’d been too long since we've been together, and my parental units agreed! So dad got a transfer to the base on the outskirts of town!"

Nico finally let her go and wiped away his tears, Ashley doing the same. After they had each blown their noses a couple times, Ashley took his hand and started towards the front door,

"C'mon! I'll show you where your classes are." Nico followed,

"How would you know? You’re new too, right?" She glanced over at him as she pulled open the front door,

"Nah, I've been here two weeks." He nodded, and a thought came to mind.


"What's up sweetie? And let me have your schedule." He rifled through his backpack,

 "Here, and, do you know anyone named Hayden?"

She had started to walk away, but stopped once the name left his mouth.

"No" she said, in a tone that obviously meant yes.

"Liar!" She spun around,

"Okay, yes. I've heard of him, and of his tendency to break hearts!" Nico rolled his eyes,

"Oh great. Don't go all teenage novel on me Ash!"

"You know I wouldn't if it wasn't serious! I swear he's had about four boyfriends in the past week!"

Nico snapped his head up from the schedule Ashley had handed back and gaped at her "Did you say...boyfriends?"

"Oh no."


"Uhh, no! No, I said..."

"BOYFRIENDS!!!" Nico yelled as he started dancing like a lunatic.

"Damn it! I should've remembered not to mention that little tidbit!" Nico stopped mid-jump, straightening up from his squatted position,

"And why wouldn't you?" Ashley sighed,

"Sweetie, you take any little fact and cling to it desperately! Remember that time Michael Phanswella smiled at you and you SWORE to me that he liked you?" Nico cast his eyes to the floor, "And what happened when you asked him out?"

"He pushed me to the floor and threw his milkshake in my face." Nico said in a small, defeated voice that hurt Ashley's heart. She walked over and embraced him,

"And don't forget who broke his nose that very afternoon." Nico smiled a little bit,

"You did."

"See? And now that were back together, I will protect you. But I wish you would learn to be more careful with your heart." He sighed,

"That makes two of us."


The day had gone good so far. Nico had found all of his classes, with Ashley's assistance, and they even had PE together!

"Well, here it is! Last period of the day! Meet you here after class, kay?" He smiled,

"See you then sweetie!" Nico walked in and right up to Mrs. Vanswella,

"Ahh, the new student!" She said in a beautiful Spanish accent.

"Yes ma’am." She shifted the papers around on her desk until she found the proper ones,

"Here's the curriculum and class syllabus. You need to get that one signed." She pointed to the syllabus, "And just take a quick read through of the other one. I see you were in Advanced Biology in your last school?" Nico nodded, "Well then this should be a breeze! Welcome to Earth Science! Just take the empty seat in the back corner." Nico beamed at her,

"Thanks Mrs. Vaneswella!"

He spun around to see the whole of the class gazing at him, but he was used to it, being a new student that is. Nothing phased him about all the predatory glances and hushed whispers that were oh so obviously about him. What did unnerve him however, was his brand new seat mate,

"Hello." Hayden extended his hand, "I don't believe we've officially met. I'm Hayden Rodricks." Nico ignored the perfectly sculpted hand he was offered and took his seat, immediately crossing his legs and popping his gum.

He saw Hayden raise his eyebrows at his antics and chuckled softly to himself.


He glanced up from the peak he was stealing of Hayden's body,

"Mrs. Vanswella?"

"I was wondering if you knew the answer to number seven on the sheet." He glanced over to the neighboring desk and saw they had gotten a worksheet, and then glanced at the clock. He'd been "stealing glances" at Hayden for the past thirty minutes,

"I don't seem to have gotten mine." He heard some snickers at his word choice,

"Oh? Do you have one Hayden?" Nico refused to look over at him, taking Ashley's advice to heart. After a moment of awkward shuffling, a sheet was pushed in his direction and landed neatly in front of him.

"Now, number seven?" Mrs. Vanswella said in a sweet tone. 

7. What rock type sandstone is classified under?

"Sandstone would be classified as a sedimentary rock. You can easily tell because of the surface image of sediment piled up. That’s what the bands surrounding the rock are, layers of sediment fused together through cementation." The room was dead silent when he finished, and all eyes were on him. Though Mrs. Vanswella looked like she had just won the lottery,

"Wonderfully put Nico! Great!"

For the rest of the period Nico hid himself behind his book, too embarrassed to show his face. It was only when the bell rang that he finally put the book back in his backpack. Taking his time organizing his possessions, He was the last student left in the room.

"Nico?" Mrs. Vanswella called.

"Yes ma’am?" Nico inquired. She looked sheepish,

"I know you just got here and all, but I was wondering if you would consider tutoring one of my students."

"Not to sound rude, because that’s the last thing I want to do, but...Isn't that what your paid for?" She didn't look offended in the least.

"Yes, but," She smiled, "I'm kind of preoccupied at the moment." She flashed her hand down in Nico's direction.

"Oh Mrs. Vanswella! Congratulations!" He exclaimed upon seeing the three karat engagement ring on her finger. "Say no more! Tell whoever it is to be at this address tomorrow at four." Nico said while writing down his address.

"Thanks so much!"

"No problem!"

"NICO!" Ashley stormed in, her white skinny jeans covered in fresh brown stains.

"Sweetie! What happened?!"

"Some girl tripped in the hallway and spilled her chocolate milk all over me!" He rushed over and appraised the jeans,

"If you get them off soon I might be able to get the stains out." Mrs. Vanswella rushed to her desk and reached into a drawer,

"Here" She through a pencil skirt at them, "I expect it back tomorrow you two!" She yelled as Ashley hurried out to find the nearest bathroom.

"Thanks!" Nico said as he ran after her. Mrs. Vanswella just smiled.


After Ashley struggled out of her jeans and Nico pronounced them dead, he decided to shake her down, "You've been here what? Two weeks?" She nodded, looking apprehensive. "I want all the information you have on him. Everything."

"About who?" Nico glared at her. "Alright! Fine! Just stop burning holes into my soul..." His gaze softened into one of victory as she began to spew facts,

"Full name is Hayden Lance Rodricks, a mouthful right? He’s a junior, exceedingly smart, in math at least, and on the football team." She stopped,

"Is that it?" Ashley nodded, "Alright..." Nico stood up from their place in the deserted cafeteria, disappointed. "Where are you staying again?" He asked as they walked towards the parking lot.

"My mom and I got a little apartment in the city, you?"

"I actually live next to Hayden." She stopped dead in her tracks, just as he knew she would. "Yeah," he said, continuing towards his car, "And my window faces directly into his. Neither of us have curtains either." Nico opened his car door and got in; glancing over to see a still shocked Ashley.

"Nico!" He sighed,

"Yes?" "Please don't do anything you'll regret."

"I'll try to keep that in mind."


Nico sped home, hoping to arrive before Hayden and steal inside without so much of a glance, but it seems that fate has a grudge against him. He pulled into his driveway to get a full view of shirtless, sunbathing Hayden. Mustering up every ounce of courage he possessed, which wasn't much to begin with, Nico got out of his car, grabbed his backpack, and started towards his front door.

"Hey!" He kept walking. "Hello?!?!" He picked up his pace a little. "I know you hear me!" Nico cursed his long ass driveway. He didn't hear any more yelling, so he assumed Hayden had given up, until he felt a hand grab his elbow that made him jump a mile high, "Why didn't you stop?"

Nico waited until Hayden released him to turn, "I have homework." Hayden grabbed him as he again tried to escape,

"Please talk to me?" Nico could feel a pair of sea green eyes cracking his composure.

"I really have a lot of stuff to do...Boxes to unpack..." He trailed off.

"Maybe...Maybe I could help?" Nico cast his eyes to the ground and smiled. He couldn't help but smile around Hayden.

"Uhh, no thanks. I've got it."

Nico looked up to see disappointment flash across Hayden’s face, but he let him go and walked away. As soon as Nico got inside and locked himself in his room, he flattened himself against the wall and let out a shuttering breath. "What am I going to do?" He asked no one, "I...I just met him for Christ’s sake! I've never felt this strongly for anyone! Why him?! WHY NOW?!!" Nico realized he was screaming and sank to the floor, trying to calm himself. He buried his face in his hands as the first of many sobs racked his body.

What he didn't see was a porcelain figure press his hands onto his own window and cast his eyes down in dismay. Tears of his own falling in time to Nico's.

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