Nico has never had many friends, due to his constant moving caused by his father's military status. He's been in and out of so many schools he normally never has time to form a connection with anyone. After his father's death, he and his mom make their last move, and Nico meets someone he never would've expected.


1. Chapter One


Chapter One

"But mom-!"

"No! Nico, I don't want to hear it! I'm stressed enough about the move without your constant pessimism!" Nico just scowled at her, "Honey, I know we moved away from all your friends. I had to leave people as well, but it's what we had to do!"

"Save it." Nico said holding up his hand, "I know." he sighed heavily, "It's for the best. Thanks for looking out for me mom." he plastered a big false smile on his face. She pulled him into a gigantic hug, glad he was at least faking enthusiasm.

"That’s my boy! Now, go inside and check out your new room." He obliged, walking through the front door and entering the room he assumed would be his. It was a cozy little room, and truth be told, he already liked it a lot better than his last one. The walls were painted a fading sky blue and there were bookshelves built right into the wall.

"Mom!" He yelled, running out to the car, "Oh my god, Mom! I love it!" She was taken aback by his sudden burst of emotion.

"What do you love sweetie?"

"My room! It's absolutely perfect!" She smiled down at him,

"Here," she handed him a box labeled, Nico's necessities, "Now, let's go see that room!"

She grabbed another box and followed him in, dropping the box she grabbed in the kitchen, then following him into the quaint little room. "Oh my, you’re absolutely right! It's wonderful." Nico took the box cutter she offered him and tore open his box. "What's in there anyways?" Nico smiled as he took out the items he needed for it to feel like home.

"Here mom, help me put these on my bookshelves." Pulling out the first few items, his mom surveyed them all as they set them up. A picture of Nico and Ashley, his best friend from North Carolina, a few books, including To Kill A Mockingbird and Hold Still, and a couple other trinkets that held sentimental value to him. His mom scoffed when he pulled out his iPod dock,

"Really?" He smiled at her,

"Of course! We can listen to music tonight while cooking dinner, since we don't have our TV yet." She nodded,

"But, since we don't have a TV, why did you bring these?" She held up two DVD's.

"One, I don't go anywhere without Finding Nemo, and Breakfast at Tiffany's is...Home. I wouldn't feel right without it." She nodded and set them on a shelf.

"Is that all then?"

"No, there should be one more thing." He bent over the box and smiled, pulling out a small package. He unwrapped a delicate looking white washed frame and set it on a shelf all by itself.

"Oh honey." Nico and his mother stood staring into the eyes of a man they would never see again. "I know you miss your father now, so do I, but you know he would want us to move on." Nico nodded, discreetly wiping his eyes.

"I love you mom." His mother pulled him into a tight embrace,

"I love you to sweetie."


About two hours later, the new Rivers residence was starting to resemble the old one, with all the boxes they crammed into the bed of their old ford unpacked. Nico had set up his dock on the kitchen counter and was playing the Fallen album by Evanescence, his and his mother's favorite record. After they finished diner they split off to their separate rooms, tired after a long day of moving. Nico took his dock and iPod with him, setting it up on his bookshelf and playing it on the lowest setting, he liked the background noise. 

It was then that he first saw him. Nico was getting ready for bed, he didn't have his mattress yet so he would sleep on the floor, and he’d glanced outside his window. He found himself staring into his new neighbors’ house. And if that wasn't creepy enough, he found himself staring at his new neighbor, sleeping, in his underwear.

He quickly averted his eyes, blushing furiously. No doubt, he was gorgeous, with his pale skin and rosy cheeks, even in his sleep! His stark red hair was matted down on his pillow, ruffled up by tossing in his sleep. "Ugh! Stop it Nico! You’re being extra creepy!" He scolded himself, blushing yet again. He decided to sleep against the wall the window was on, so he wouldn't be as tempted to look at the perfect stranger.


The next morning, his mother cheerfully greeted him as he walked into the kitchen, "Hiya honey! And how did the floor treat you?"


"English please!" She said in a sing-song voice.

"Are we going out today?" She looked up from the eggs she was scrambling at his abrupt question, "I was planning to go out for some stuff we need, yes. Would you like to come with me?"

He nodded sleepily, "Give me twenty minutes." She waved him out of the kitchen. Back in his room, Nico opened the box that held some of his clothes and pulled out an outfit. He forced himself not to look out his window, but as he walked out of his room towards the bathroom, he thought about the boy.

He didn't even know his name, and yet he was attracted to him, even more than Brian, who he dated for almost three months in ninth grade. He was going into eleventh grade now, and Brian still was his only boyfriend.

"Honey?" His mother knocked on the bathroom door,

"Yes?" he said as he shut off the water,

"I'm leaving in five minutes!" He quickly dried himself off and struggled into his clothes, styling his hair with a practiced flip of his wrist.

"Alright mom, let’s go!" He ran into his room to grab his wallet and put on his favorite belt, while subtly glancing out his window. Seeing the other room empty, he ran out to their truck, slamming the door behind him.

"So what do you need honey?" His mom asked after they had gotten everything off her list.

"I need a set of curtains, preferably thick, as in not see through."

"Alright honey, let’s look." She chuckled at his obvious discomfort; he’d always been so touchy about people seeing his room. After wandering aimlessly for about twenty minutes, the broke down and asked an employee, who found what they’d been looking for in a matter of seconds.

With all their items in the cart, they headed for the checkout isles. "Oh! I forgot sliced American cheese, can you go pick up a pack please?" Nico nodded and ran to get one. He returned cheese in hand, and spotted his mother in line 17.

"Here you go mom!"

"Thanks sweetie!" She ruffled up his hair,

"Mom! Not the hair!" She laughed at him as he pulled out his iPod and used it as a mirror to fix what his mom had destroyed.

"Hello and how are you today?"

Nico froze...No, it couldn't be.

He hadn't even heard his voice yet! Nico looked up, and his jaw dropped. It was the boy from next door!

"I'm well! And how are you?"

"Fine." he said it as if it was an automatic response, and began scanning.

Hiding mostly behind his mother, Nico looked down at the ground, a blush consuming his face as thoughts of watching him sleep crossed his mind.

"Paper or plastic?"

"Paper, please." his mother responded. That voice, it was wonderful, a silky smooth accent with clipped endings. Nico had never heard such an eloquent speaking style. The boy looked up at them through his eyelashes, making Nico catch his breath,

"Here you go! Have a nice day."

Nico stood rooted to the spot as his mother walked away, too caught up in his own thoughts to realize she was leaving. He looked up to see the boy staring right into his eyes, giving him a slight, warm smile.

"Honey? Come on!" Nico flicked his eyes up and down the mysterious boy one last time and turned to leave, following his mother all the way out of the shop and to their car.


By the time they got home, thoughts of the boy were all that consumed Nico's mind. He ran into his room and locked the door, checking his window to see if he had come home yet. Seeing he hadn't, Nico pulled a notebook out of his shopping bag and opened to the front page, mutilating the crisp page with obscure writing. Jotting down all the facts about this boy, just to prove to himself that he's real. The last thing he added to his list, was the newest fact he had found out,

Name: Hayden.

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