Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


6. Will You?

Lou , Lux and I went to a little cafe place in the hotel for lunch. "We have the Brit-Awards tomorrow night " She says excitedly. "Are they preforming?" I ask. "Yeah they are going to sing One Way Or Another" She reply's sipping her soda. "I love their cover!" I say fangirling. She laughs. "Me too". We are finished with lunch so we pay our bill. Lou picks up Lux and we walk back to our rooms. "Are we attending too?" I ask "Of course we are " She laughs. "I need a dress!" I freak out. "Don't worry, We will get you one" She says smiling. "Remember we have an interview tonight too" She say before going into her room. I hear someone come out of the boys room. "Hey, Crista" Liam says running towards me. "Oh hey Liam" I say smiling. "I heard you and Lou talking about the Brit-Awards " He says. I open my room door and let him come in. We walk in. "Yeah i'm excited for it, I have never heard you guys sing One Way Or Another live before. " I say smiling. "Yeah well i was wondering if um, you would like to come with me" Liam says nervously. I smile at him "Sure " . Liams face lights up. "Great! I was scared you would say no" He says excitedly. I laugh. "Do you have a dress?" He asks. "No but Lou said she will get me one." I explain. "Ok well i gotta get ready for the interview, come by our room when your finished getting ready " He says smiling and running out of the room. I smile. Just thinking about what just happened makes my stomach have butterflies. I go into my suitcase to find an outfit for tonight's interview. Even though i'm not being interviewed i wouldn't want to look bad while styling somebody's hair. I find a cute sweater my mom got me from New York last year. It's plain red and is really warm. I put on black skinny jeans and my black flats. My blonde hair is naturally wavy so i just keep it like that. I'm ready. I look at myself in the mirror checking if i look weird or not. I look fine so i grab my coat and purse. I walk to the boys room and knock. "Who is it!" Louis screams. "Crista" I say smiling. The door flings open. "Come in" Niall says sounding like a girl. The room is a mess. "Woah , what died in here?" I jokingly ask. "Crista can you help with my hair?" Zayn asks. "It's not cooperating with me." He says. "Sure, do you have a blow dryer " I ask him. He hands it and i start fixing his hair. "How do you want it, In a quiff or a messy quiff?" I ask. "Messy " He says. I do his hair how he wants it. "Done" I smile. "Thank you love" He says standing up. "Anyone else?" I ask before i  put away the blow dryer. "Were good" I hear Louis say. I wrap it up and leave it on the table. "Where's Liam?" I ask. "He's showering" Harry replies. "Speaking of Liam i hear your going to the awards with him" Louis smirks. The boys look at me. My face turns red. "Yeah he asked me earlier." I say smiling. "Great, then tomorrow you can meet Eleanor." Louis says. "I would love to meet Eleanor" I say back. Liam comes out of the bathroom. "Hey guys" He smiles at me. "Liam we were just talking about you" Zayn says smiling. "You were?" He asks sitting next to me. "Yeah we were telling Crista here all the embarrassing things you have done" Louis smirks. Liam's face goes white "What?" He asks. "We were joking lad" Niall laughs. We all laugh. Except Harry who sits on the couch and stares at me. "I need coffee again anyone want to come to Starbucks with me?" I ask smiling. "I will" Liam says . "Ok, Does anyone want something?" I ask smiling. "I am fine" Zayn says. "I will have tea" Louis replies. "Nope" Niall  responds. Harry doesn't say anything. "Harry ?" I ask. He looks up at me. "Erm, no thanks." He finally says. "Ok be back. " I say as me and Liam walk out of the room. "Let me check if Lou wants something " I say knocking on her door. "Yeah?" I hear her voice say. "Do you want something at Starbucks?" I ask. "A coffee please love" She says. "Ok" I turn from the door and walk down to the lobby with Liam. 

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