Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


19. Truth Or Dare

"I haven't played this game since middle school." I say plopping down next to Liam and Zayn. We all it on the floor in a circle. "Lets start then" Louis says looking at us. "Who wants to go first?" He questions. No one raises their hand so I do. "Me" I smile. "Truth or dare?" Louis asks me. I think for a minute. "Um. Truth" I say. I'm scared that Louis will make a crazy dare so I figure the truth wont hurt. "Are you a virgin?" Louis asks. The boys smack his arm. "You don't have to answer that Crista" Liam says. I shrug and answer anyway. "No" I admit. Louis smirks to the rest of the boys. I laugh knowing what he's thinking. Liam raises his hand "I'll go next" He smiles at me. "Liam. Truth or dare?" I ask making a dramatic voice. He laughs "Dare" He says raising his eyebrows up. I think. I see ketchup sitting on the table. "I dare you to  chug that whole bottle of ketchup." I say pointing to it. Liam gets up and grabs the ketchup. "That's so gross" Niall laughs. Liam sighs and opens the cap. He squirts the ketchup in his mouth until its all gone. Me and the rest of the boys stare in disgust. Liam throws away the empty bottle and sits back down next to me. "You have ketchup all over your face" Zayn points out. Liam laughs and leans to me. "Give me a kiss" He says trying to kiss me and get ketchup on my face too. "No" I say leaning away from him. He manages to get me. He kisses me quick and now ketchup is all over my face . "Thanks" I say lightly hitting his arm. "Continue please" Harry says rolling his eyes. Liam stops laughing and gives Harry a weird look. "Truth or dare Niall?" I ask changing the tension of the room. "Truth" He smiles. This is going to be hard since I already know everything about these boys. "Um. Have you ever had a crush on one of your teachers?" I ask not knowing what to say. "My seventh grade science teacher. I forget her name but she was very beautiful" He smiles. "Awww Nialler had a crush" Louis says messing up Niall's hair.We all laugh. "Harry , Truth or Dare?" Niall asks him. Harry looks up and says "Truth". Niall thinks for a while and the asks something totally unexpected. "Earlier before we came back from the pool were you trying to get with Crista?" He asks with a curious face. Harry looks at me and smiles "Erm. Yeah" He says shaking his curls. Liam looks at Niall then at me. Then at Harry. It just got extremely awkward. A knock on the door saves the awkward silence. Louis gets up "WHO IS IT!?" he screams. "Its Lou" I hear her voice say. Louis opens the door and Lou walks in. She notices the tension. I feel it too. The tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife. She smiles at me and sits on the couch. We all stop playing . "I'm going to shower." Harry says getting up off the floor and going to the bathroom. We all get up and sit on the couch, except Liam who sits on the floor. His jaw clenches and his face is red. Zayn whispers something to him and they leave the room together. Now its just Niall, Lou ,  Louis, and me. "What happened why is Liam so mad?" She asks confused. "Well. We were playing truth or dare and Niall asked Harry if he was trying to get with me before the rest of the boys came back upstairs and he said yes." The words flood out of my mouth. "Why would you ask that with Liam in the room, you know he gets upset" Lou says to Niall. "I don't know " Niall replies with a regretful face. "It's ok Niall , Liam is just a little jealous. But I wouldn't leave him." I say smiling. Niall smiles at me. Lou sighs, "Well hopefully the tension isn't so bad at the interview that's in about three hours." she says looking at the clock. It's already night time? Liam comes back in the room with Zayn and he looks happier. Hopefully this doesn't ruin the interview.

[tell me how you like it! :) Kinda suckish but w.e]

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