Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


20. Truly, Madly, Deeply.

The whole car ride to the interview was silent except for Louis who was humming 'Kiss You' to himself. Me and Lou are now doing the boy's hair. Everyone is talking now except for Liam and Harry. Lou does Harry's hair and I do Liam's. While I put gel in Liam's hair i talk to him. "Please talk  with Harry, you guys can't do an interview and be upset with each other , It's kind of obvious" I plead to him. Liam sighs. "I will" He mumbles. I finish his hair and kiss his cheek. "Thank you" I smile at him. He gets up and walks over to Harry who is sitting on his chair while Lou does his makeup. Louis sits down next. I start doing his hair but my attention draws over to Liam and Harry who are talking with frustration in their eyes. "Um, Crista.." Louis says. I snap out of my trance. "Huh?" I ask realizing i put gel on Louis's nose. I laugh, "Sorry Louis" I apologize and wipe it off his nose like i was a mom wiping food off their baby's face. "Thanks" he laughs. I start putting the gel in his hair this time. "Since El , was supposed to come to the Brits but she got sick so you couldn't meet her she's coming to the party tonight" Louis says to me while looking at his phone. "Ok" I reply and then finish his hair. "Thanks love" He says and gets up. I am done with all the boys hair so I sit down on the chair. I see Liam start walking over to me. "I talked to him" He says smiling. "Everything is ok now?" I ask hopefully. "Well yeah , he actually apologized to me" He replies. "Really?" I say shocked. "Yeah, he said he was trying to flirt with you but he knows it was wrong. And he also said i'm lucky to have you" He smiles at me and kisses my cheek. I smile at him. A man walks in "They are ready for you" He says with a kind of girly voice which makes me giggle a little bit. Liam kisses my cheek again and laughs. "I will see you later" He smirks and follows the rest of the boys to the stage.


Liam holds my waist as I dance with him. I have had a few drinks and I'm a little tipsy. I trip a little on my steps but I don't stop dancing. Liam laughs at me. He is probably the only sober one here. He said he didn't want to drink. After my third drink I decided not to drink anymore for the rest of the night. We dance together for a while until he asks if i want to sit down. I say yes and he leads me over to a table secluded from people. "Its really load in here" I say looking at all the people the guys had invited to the party. I see Louis and Eleanor dancing just like me and Liam were. I met her earlier, she is very kind . She said we should go shopping together tomorrow. I of course accepted the invite to go. Liam waves his hand in my face to get my attention. "Babe?" He asks. "Sorry, I was just lost in thought , what did you say?" I slur my speech a little. Liam smiles. "I asked if you wanted to head back we have been dancing for like 3 hours." He says laughing. "Oh yeah , ok" I say. Liam nods and stands up. He grabs my hand and we walk to the front of the club. A car already sits there waiting for us. We get in and start driving away. I rest my head on Liam's shoulder and close my eyes. My head pounds. He puts his arm around my shoulder. "What time is it?" I ask. "Um. 3 AM." Liam replies. I yawn. All that dancing made me tired. The car comes to a sudden stop. I hear the driver come open Liam's door. "Come on love" Liam says shaking my shoulder. "My feet kill" I say opening my eyes and sitting up. Liam gets out of the car. The next thing i know i'm in his arms. He is carrying me like i'm his bride. Fans are still outside capturing pictures of us. I laugh and so does Liam. He carry's me all the way to my room. When we get to my door he puts me down cause i have the key to unlock it. I unlock the door and head to my suitcase so i can get pajamas on. Liam comes in a closes the door. I find a teeshirt and pajama shorts and throw them on . Liam watches me get changed but i don't care cause he's my boyfriend anyway. I get dressed and jump on my bed and put the covers over me. Liam smiles at me and sits on my bed. "Can you stay with me for the night?" I ask smiling big. "Ok" He says. He takes off his shirt and pants leaving him just in his boxers. He climbs underneath the covers and wraps his warm arms around my waist.  "Good-Night Li" I say kissing him on his lips. He kisses back and replies "Good-night beautiful" Then i fall asleep. 


"Am  I asleep am i awake or somewhere inbetween i can't believe that you are here lying next to me, or did i dream that we were perfectly entwined like branches on a tree or twigs caught on a vine. " I hear Liam singing in my ear. My heart flutters and i open my eyes. I turn over to hear him sing the chorus. I smile up at him. When he is finished. "Good morning beautiful" He says smiling. My face is a light shade of red cause i'm blushing. "Morning" I say before i feel his soft lips on mine. When he's done kissing me he rests his forehead on mine. I stare into his big brown eyes. "You know what i realized? " He asks me. "What?" I smile.  "I love you" He says his face now a light shade of red. My heart stops beating for a second. "I love you too" I say kissing him on the lips once more. 

[Sorry guys if you think its sucky, And sorry it took so long, I was away for the whole weekend with no damn wifi. But anyway. Hope you like it :) Leave comments if you do XX.]

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