Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


23. There's A First Time For Everything

"Oh my gosh this is perfect!" Eleanor screams while running straight to the beach. We all laugh. She is right though. It is perfect. The water is crystal clear blue, the sand is white. It's paradise. Louis runs after El who is already trying to get a tan , even with her suitcases still clinging with her. Again we laugh. A tall man wearing a uniform comes up to us. "Hello" He says with a heavy voice. "Hello sir , nice to meet you" Liam smiles and shakes the mans hand. "Your our special guests right?" The man asks surveying us. "Yes we are" Harry says. "Right this way" He says. We walk after him. Louis And Eleanor catch up to us . The man leads us to three little houses on the beach. "These are your luxury suites" He hands Liam , Harry and Louis keys. "The first hut is reserved for a Mr. Styles" He says pointing to the hut he's talking about. Harry nods and says "Thank you sir.". "Second hut , Mr. Tomlinson " He points again. "Thank you" Louis smiles politely. "Third is for Mr. Payne" He says pointing for the last time. "Thank you sir." Liam says. "If you need anything I will be in the main hotel building" The man says walking away. "Alright so here's the plan.  We unpack and head straight for the water!" Louis yells . We all agree and head to our rooms to unpack. When me and Liam get into our room my jaw drops in awe. Liam smiles. "I knew you'd love it. " He says kissing my cheek. I can't even speak. I observe the room. The balcony door leads right to the beach, There's a hottub in the bathroom, the bed has a canopy. It's just amazing. "Thank you Li" I say turning to him and kissing him real quick. "Anything for you" He says smiling. "Now hurry up and unpack , I want to go in the water!" I say laughing. 20 minutes later we finish packing. I take my bikini and go into the bathroom to change. I pull on my sundress and put my flip flops on. I then throw my hair in a messy bun. I barge out of the bathroom. Liam is ready too. "Lets go!" I say grabbing his hand and running to the beach. Louis , Eleanor and Harry are already basking in the sun. "I love your bikini " I say to el. "Thank you love" She smiles and pats the  spot next to her for me to sit down. I lay down a towel and lay next to her. "Well aren't you going to take off your dress? I don't want to feel lonely being the only one half naked" She laughs. I laugh to and slide my dress off. I see Harry and Liam stare at me. Well that's awkward. Lets just hope it doesn't get more awkward.

                                           ***********************NIGHT TIME***************************

Me and Liam have been laying on our bed talking for about two hours. I never knew I could love someone so much. I feel so comfortable around him. My heart stops whenever he touches me. I can't explain it. "I love you." I interrupt him. He stops what he is saying and says it back. "I love you too." I feel his lips on mine. I kiss him back , never wanting  to stop. He then gets on top of me, his arm holding him up. My fingers find its way up to his bare back. He kisses my neck and I let out a slight moan. I kiss his lips again. My body temperature went up about 100 degrees. Maybe I should tell him. Tell him that I know what is about to happen. I should tell him I'm a virgin. Liam starts taking off my shirt. I stop him by placing my hand on his chest. "What's wrong? " He asks confused. "I um. I'm a virgin." I confess. Liam smiles. "Do you not want to? " He asks understandingly. "I do! I was just telling you " I laugh. "Oh then that's fine." He says kissing me once more. "Ready for the Payne train? " He asks. I nod my head and bite my lip. "Ready." I say. Now I know what he meant by we will finish in the Bahamas.


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