Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


15. Ready *PART TWO*

We sit down at the table. I see celebrity's sitting at their table waiting for the awards to start. The audience behind us is full of people. I look at the stage. It's full of lights and colors. I have never seen a stage this big. "The boy's are coming already." Lou says pointing to them walking towards us. Liam sits next to me. Louis sits on the other side of me too. "Hey guys" I say smiling. They all sit down. "That was quick." Lou says to them. "We only took a few pictures and got interviewed. " Harry says. All of a sudden people start flooding in. "It's starting soon" Liam says . Excitement fills me. People stare at me. "Why are they staring?" I ask. "They jealous of your dress" Lou says smiling. "And you look stunning. If i were a girl i'd be jealous" Liam says kissing my cheek. I blush. As soon as i know it the stage lights up and the host comes out. "Welcome to the 2013 Brit-Awards!" He screams into the microphone. Everyone claps. He says a few jokes and announces the opening act. A women comes on stage and starts singing. I don't know who she is but everyone else does. "She's a new artist this year" Louis tells  me seeing i'm confused. I nod my head at him. She sings perfectly. When she finishes everyone claps again. They announce a few winners and then another performance. Everything is going by so fast , it's almost time for the boys to preform. The all get up and walk to the back of the stage. Lou moves over to where Liam was sitting. "Your going to sing with me right?" She asks laughing. "Of course i will" I smile. "ONE DIRECTION!" the man screams. Me and Lou turn to the stage. It looks like a giant video game. I hear the music play and Harry starts singing. Me and Lou dance in our chairs and sing along. When Liam's part comes up he points at me and sings. Everyone turns to face me. I get nervous cause everyone is now watching me. I shake it off and continue dancing and singing with Lou. 

                                                                     **********************NEXT DAY************************* 

Last night was amazing. The boy's won an award, and when they were called up to the stage Liam kissed me on live television. I felt so special. When we came back to the hotel, Liam asked me out. I of course said yes. I may not have known him for long but i feel a connection with him. I cant explain it. It's now morning and i forgot to take off my eye makeup last night so i look like a raccoon. I laugh at my reflection and go to the bathroom and wash my face. It's 8AM so i don't even know why i'm up. I would call my mom but it's two in the morning over there. Everyone is probably sleeping. I'm going to shower . I turn the shower on and get in. I wash my hair, body, and face and finish. I get out and put on my bathrobe. I walk to my suitcase and look for an outfit. I get out a pair of skinny jeans, my floral pink tank top and my black Toms. I keep my hair down, and french braid my bangs. I don't put on makeup cause i'm to lazy. I decide to go to Starbucks. I take my wallet and open my door. I bump into a security guard. He is about 40 and looks like my dad a little. "Excuse me" I say trying to get by him. "I'm sorry miss , where are you going?" He asks. "Across the street to Starbucks" I reply. "I need to escort you" He says . "How come?" I ask closing my door and locking it. "some girls go a little crazy when they see their favorite band members girlfriend. They usually chase after them and ask for pictures. We just want to keep you safe." He explains smiling. I laugh, "Ok then , lets go" I say walking with him down to the lobby. We get to the hotel doors. Fans scream so loud i can't hear myself think. "Be careful, stick by my side." The guard says. I laugh "Ok" He opens the doors and we walk through the crowd to Starbucks. Girls try to grab my hair and clothes. Now i know how the boys feel. One girl scratches my arm real bad and it starts bleeding. I say 'ow' and keep walking. When we get into Starbucks, the guard blocks the doors. I get napkins and wipe my blood. Then i go order my coffee. "What can i get you?" The cashier asks. I place my order , she goes and makes my coffee. Nobody is in here , due to the fact that its 8 AM. "Do you want something?" I ask the guard. "No thank you" He says. I nod and the girl passes me the coffee. "Thanks" I smile and pay her. She nods and we leave. I go through the craziness again but this time all the girls are screaming 'Can i get a picture with you?'. The guard nods at me. I take a couple of pictures and finally get back to the hotel. I go back to my warm room. "Thanks" I say to the guard. He nods and walks down the hall. Before i open my door i hear Liam say "Hey" I turn to see him smiling. "Hi , why you up so early?" I ask him and open my door. "I can't sleep" He says walking in my room. I put my wallet on the table. "What is that?" Liam asks looking at my arm. "Oh a fan scratched me" i say pouting. He smiles . "I can fix it" and then he kisses me.

[Sorry it took so long , and it kinda sucks, but let me know how you like it? XX.]

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