Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


14. Ready *PART ONE*

I finish the last wavy curl in Perrie's hair. Her light purplish hair looks so stunning. "Done" I smile and show her a mirror. "Thank you so much i love it!" She says smiling. "If you ever need me to do your hair just call" I say putting the flower wreath on her head. The finishing touch of this masterpeice. I clap my hands. "Honestly you look perfect." I smile at her. "Thank you love" she stands up and twirls around. We both laugh. "I can help with your outfit. I still have an hour before i have to meet the girls." She says. "alright, should i do my hair first or my makeup?" I ask. "I can do your makeup" She smiles and picks up the bag of makeup i have on the table. "Sounds good." I say sitting in the chair she was sitting in. She comes to me . I close my eyes and she starts putting my eye makeup on. "So Zayn told me you and Liam kissed" She says. I blush. "Yes we did." I laugh. "It's not easy to date in the spotlight, but if you ever need someone to talk to give me a call." She says. "We are not dating" I assure her. "You will be soon. Zayn says all Liam talks about is you." she laughs. I blush. "your face is red!" she screams. I laugh. "I know, I can't help it." I say. she laughs again. "Now open your eyes." she demands me. I open them. My reflection stares back at me. I look like a model. Literally. "Perrie, were you a makeup artist before the X-Factor?" I ask in awe. "Nope." she smirks. "that color makes your eyes pop. " She says making hand gestures. I laugh . "Lou got it for me" Perrie places the makeup back in the bag. "Lou must have known you would look good in this color. I don't think you need other makeup. you look stunning without it" Perrie says sitting on my bed. "Thank you" I smile at her. I never would have thought Perrie Edwards would say i look stunning. Perrie's phone starts ringing. "Hello?" She asks. "Ok be down in a minute." She says hanging up. She gets up and puts her jacket. "My manager said the limo is downstairs for me" She hugs me. "Thank you for my hair. see you on the carpet" She walks to the door. "Bye Perrie" I say. She smiles and closes the door. I put my music on my phone. Time to do my own hair now. I have about an hour and a half to get ready. Lou is supposed to come by soon. Hopefully my hair copes with me. I take out my curling iron and start curling it. I dance to my music as i curl. About 30 minutes after i start curling , I hear a knock at the door. "Who is it?" I ask turning the music down. "Lou" I hear her voice say. "It's open" I say. She walks in my room. Her hair a little teased and wearing a Louis Gray dress. "You look perfect!" I smile at her. "Thank you dear. Who did your eyes!?" She yells examining me. "Perrie. She is very good at makeup" I say smiling. "It looks professionally done." She says shocked. I finish my last curl. "Thank god." I say putting my curling iron down. "Your hair looks great too." She says taking one of my curls and bouncing it. "Harry will be jealous , they are better than his" She laughs.I laugh too. "Now for the spectacular dress from you and Lux!" I say excitedly. I take my dress out of the closet. "Go put it on! I want to see!" Lou says. I smile and go to the bathroom to change. The dress fits perfectly. I walk out of the bathroom. Lou's face lights up. "I love it!" She smiles big. I look in the mirror and smile at myself. "Lou i can't thank you enough" I say hugging her. "Of course. You are part of the family now. If you need something just ask." She smiles. "Go on and put your heels on, We leave in 15 minutes." She says pointing to my white heels on the bed. I smile and put them on. "stunning!" she yells. I laugh and get my jacket on. I lock my door and we head to the boy's room. Lou knocks and the door flies open. She walks in first then me. The boy's mouth's hang open. "You guys look nice" I say. They all stare and finally Harry says "So do you". Liam comes over to me and kisses me. That's when they all snap out of it, getting back to what they were doing. Harry glares at Liam for a minute and walks into the bathroom. "You look amazing" Liam says. "Thank you, i like your vest thingy" I laugh pulling at the collar of his vest. Paul suddenly comes in the room. "Limo is here" He says. Everyone gets their jackets on. We all walk down to the limo. Liam grabs my hand , like he always does. We all rush to the car. We all get in and we start driving. "Are you guys nervous?" I ask still holding Liam's hand. "Yeah , but i'm excited to preform" Niall answers me. "Me and Crista are going to sing in the audience"  Lou says nudging me with her arm. I smile. About 30 minutes after a loud car ride we arrive. I hear the roar of fnas and photographers. Liam kisses my cheek " See you inside" He smiles and gets out with the rest of the boys. "We are going straight inside " Lou says taking my hand and leading me through the carpet. Not much people care about the hair stylists so i understand why. People take pictures of us but most of their attention is on the celebritys. We finally get inside. The stage is huge and full of colors and lights. There are already tons of people in the audience. A large man stops us. "Are you with the One Direction boy's?" He asks with a deep voice. "Yes we are" Lou smiles. "This way." He says leading us to our table.

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