Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


8. Oh no

Liam and I go back to the boys room. "Here you go" I say handing Louis his tea. "Thanks love" He smiles and sips his tea. "I will be back, I have to give Lou her coffee." I say walking to the door. "Alright" I hear Liam say before i close the door and walk to Lou's room. I knock. "It's open" She responds. I open the door. "I have your coffee, sorry if its not good, me and Liam didn't know what to get you" I smile. "It's fine as long as its coffee. " She says sipping it. "I hear your going to the Brits with Liam" She playfully smiles. I blush. "Yeah he asked me earlier." I say , my face red. "Harry was going to ask you too, but i guess Liam beat him to it" She says brushing her hair. "Harry was? I really haven't got the chance to talk to him like the other boys , why would he ask me?" I question curiously. "He likes you?" She sarcastically says. We laugh. I notice Lux isn't here. "Wheres Lux?" I ask changing the subject. "Oh she's with her dad for the week. Its hard to work with a kid." She answers. "Are you too still together?" I ask. "Yeah , we have a house and he's there with her." She smiles. "You should start getting ready for the interview. It's in about two hours" She says. "Ok well i will see you later, bye" I say and walk to my room. I now I told the boys i would be back but i'm going to get ready first. I pick out my outfit first. A red sweater my mom got me from New York two years ago, Black skinny jeans, and my white converse. Then i curl my hair a little so it looks wavy. I finish with my makeup. I wear a simple shade of brown eye shadow. I smile at my image in the mirror. For once i think i look nice.  I realise i took about an hour and a half just to get ready. I laugh to myself and sit on my bed. I put the news on TV. "Liam Payne dating One Direction's new hairstylist Crista Lombard." The reporter says. I almost fall of my bed. What? All Liam did is hold my hand! We are not dating! The Starbucks cashier was right. I have to tell Liam and everyone. I turn off my TV and run to the boy's room. I knock loudly. "Crista?" I hear Louis say. "Yup" I respond anxious to tell them. He opens the door and i storm in. I see Liam sitting on the floor , His eyes on his phone screen. "Liam everyone thinks we date." I blurt out to him. He looks at me. "I know i'm ready a article about us now" He smiles. "What is your name? Did the media give you one yet?" Louis asks. "Me and Perrie's is Zerrie" Zayn smiles. Liam laughs. "Nope not yet." He says. I laugh. Liam passes me his phone. "I don't know what i was doing in this picture" I look at the picture, Liam is holding my hand his eyes are half shut half open. I laugh "I don't know either" I smile. Everyone looks at the photo and laughs. I realize the time, almost an hour before the interview. "Shouldn't you guys be getting ready?" I say changing the subject. The boys all look at the clock. "We will be late if we don't" Niall says going to his suitcase. "I will leave then, i will be in my room. Bye guys" I say leaving.

[Tell me how you like it please, thoughts, feelings? :) XX.]

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