Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


16. Movies and Tickle Fights?

"SHHHHHHHHHHH" Louis yells and throws a pillow at me and Niall who are talking randomly about mashed potatoes. All of us are watching a boring movie. It's the boys day off today and we have nothing to do. Since i woke up at 8 this morning, i'm tired but i'm staying up anyway. I laugh and throw the pillow back at Louis. Earlier today Liam told the guys we were now dating. Everyone was happy but Harry, he looked mad. Then he went out somewhere and came back like two hours later. I asked Liam about it and he said not to worry about it. I shrugged it off. Louis throws another pillow at me interrupting my thoughts. I laugh. "Louis!" I yell and throw two pillows at him. "Sorry my arm had a spasm. " He lies and laughs. "We ran out of popcorn!" Niall says upset. I grab the bowl. "I can make more." I say smiling and heading to the table were the bag of popcorn is. I fill it up and give it to Niall who looks like he's in desperate need of popcorn. He takes the bowl and starts shoving popcorn in his mouth. I laugh and sit down next to Liam who is sitting on the couch, actually watching the movie. He sees me sit down and he puts his arm around me. 'Of course' I hear Harry mumble. He gets up and goes on the balcony. Liam rolls his eyes. "Not now mate" Louis says walking over to Harry. "What was that about?" I ask. "Nothing" Liam says. "It's clearly something." I say wanting to know what was happening. Liam looks over at Harry who is angrily yelling to Louis. "I will tell you later." He says. I get up and go to my room. I don't get why he just can't tell me. I open my door and flop myself on my bed. It aggravates me when people don't tell me whats wrong. I feel like its a secret , and i don't like secrets. I take out my phone and play Temple Run. I play for about 10 minutes and i hear a knock at my door. I get up "Who is it?" I ask before opening it. "Harry" He says with his deep voice. Why is Harry here? I open the door. He stands there awkwardly. "You can come in" I say laughing. He smirks and comes in. "Erm. I came to say that you shouldn't be mad at Liam. Um, if its not obvious i kind of have a crush on you." He fixes  his curls and  continues "And um i'm jealous he has you and i don't. Me and him have gotten into a few arguments and i told him not to tell you anything about me fancying you but you got mad at him cause of me. I don't know if what i said made sense but  yeah"  He shifts from side to side. "It made sense , and thanks for being honest. " I smile. Harry nods and walks to the door. "Would you like me to get Liam for you?" He asks opening the door. "Um. Sure" I say sitting on the couch. He smiles and leaves the room. I put the TV on and flick through the channels. I realize nothings on so i watch the news. "The news is boring" I jump out of my seat. "Jesus Liam why didn't you knock?" I scream and throw a pillow at him. "Sorry" He laughs and sits down next to me. "I wasn't expecting Harry to speak to you. He's been very mad with me lately so i'm surprised he said something to you." Liam speaks softly which makes me laugh. "Yeah it was unexpected." I reply still laughing. "Whats so funny?" He asks confused. I laugh again. "The way you spoke sounded like a killer or something" I explain laughing. "Like this?" He says doing the voice again and making a creepy face. I laugh "Stop!" I say putting my face in my pillow "You scare me!" I laugh hysterically.  Liam starts tickling my sides and i laugh even harder. "I. Can't. Breathe." I say in between breathes. He laughs and continues . "Liam!" I yell and finally get enough breathe to jump on top of him. He stops. We stare into each others eyes. I press my lips against his soft ones. He kisses back . Our lips move together like a machine. I pull away cause i get out of breathe again. "That was incredible." Liam says staring at me. I laugh and sit up. "I'm bored." I say after taking long breathes. "Lets for a walk" Liam says.

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