Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


12. Morning Before

We finally arrive at the hotel. Girls are surrounding the car.  "Maybe another night we can go out to dinner " I say. I don't think the driver can leave the lot without hurting someone. Thats how close the girls are to the car. Liam nods "I agree.". Everyone hurries out of the car. Liam grabs my hand. I smile and hurry behind him. When we get inside we all go up to our rooms. Liam walks me to my room still holding my hand. We finally reach my door. "I guess i will see you tomorrrow then" I say letting go of his hand and smiling. I open my door a crack and then he grabs me again. He has his hands on my waist and his big brown eyes are staring into mine. "One last thing" He says smiling. "Wha-" I manage to say before he kisses my lips. My body burns like its on fire. My stomache feels like a thousand butterflies are trapped inside it. I kiss back. After what seems like years the kiss ends. I am speechless. "Goodnight love" He says and walks away. I try to say goodnight but the words won't form. I walk into my room and shut the door. I go to my bed and fall into it. Did that just happen? I stare at my ceiling in wonder until i fall asleep.


I hear my phone ringing so that wakes me up. I look at the caller ID. It's Lou. "Hello?" I ask sleepily. "Morning love, I just wanted to let you know that i'm running errands so to keep an eye on the boys." She says. "Ok i will" I say smiling. "Oh and i slipped my room key under your door so you can get your dress ." she says excitedly. "Ok thanks again Lou" I say . "Alright bye" She says and hangs up. I get up and go shower. I have to be sqeaky clean for the awards tonight. When i finish showering i put on leggings and a pink flowy shirt. I put my hair in a ballerina bun. I smile at my self and go get Lou's key on my floor. I walk to Lou's room and unlock it. Sitting on the bed is a lace baby blue dress with a note on it. I smile and pick up the note. It says 'To Crista, i know you will look beautiful in this , love Lou and Lux.' . I smile again and pick up the dress.  Lou was right, This dress is amazing. I take the dress and close her door and lock it. I head back to my room. On my way back i run into Louis. "Hey Louis." I say smiling. "Nice dress, Is that for the awards?" He asks looking at it. "Yeah , Lou got it for me." I smile. "Liam is going to like it" He smiles. I blush. "What are you doing? "He asks. "Nothing much." I say. "Feel free to go to our room, Everyone is there i just am going out with El." He smiles. "Ok bye Louis" I wave bye and walk back in my room. I place my dress on the bed gently and decide to go to the boys room. I knock on the door. Liam opens it. "Hey babe" He says and kisses me on my lips. My heart skips a beat ."Hey" I say walking in.  "Crista" Zayn yells. "Yes?" I ask walking over to him.  "You know Perrie right?" He asks. "Of course i know Perrie." I smile. "Well she asked if she can come over and you can do her hair for the awards tonight" He says smiling. "Of course i will" I reply. "Ok thanks" he turns back to his phone. Liam is sitting on the couch. "Where is Niall and Harry?" I ask looking around. "They went shopping" Liam says. I sit on the couch next to Liam. Liam looks at me, "Did you get your dress yet?" He asks wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "Yes i did" I smile. "I still need to get my outfit together. I was going to wear my favorite black dress trousers but they ripped by the crotch." He laughs at his words. I laugh. Zayn gets up and puts on his jacket. "Where you going mate?" Liam asks. "Perrie wants me to meet her at a dress shop." He says waving and leaving. "I guess we are alone now." Liam says smiling. I smile back. "What do you want to do?" I ask playing with my hair. "I think I've got an idea." Liam smiles and kisses me. 

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