Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


13. Kisses and Makeup

Me and Liam have been in full make-out session for about 15 minutes. My whole body feels like its on fire, and my mouth hurts but i keep kissing him anyway. Liam is on top of me but his arm is holding him up from falling on me. I rub my hands in his hair and he smiles while still kissing me. I hear the door open. "Whoa , whoa , whoa!" Louis screams. Liam jumps off me and we both sit up. "What's going on?" Louis asks walking in. Liam blushes "What's it look like?" He says smiling. "I thought you were the innocent one" Louis laughs. "Sorry" Liam responds finding my hand and holding it. I smile. "Sorry Louis" I laugh. Louis shrugs and walks to the bathroom. "I'm going to shower." He smiles and closes the door. Liam laughs. "What?" I ask. "Nothing " He smiles. I take a pillow from the couch and hit him with it. "Tell me!" I yell jokingly and jump on him , beating him with the pillow. "Ok , Ok!" He yells laughing. I stop and give him a chance to talk. "Your cute when your embarrassed" He says blushing. I laugh. "Thank you" I smile and hit him one last time with the pillow. We laugh together and he kisses me again. My phone ringing interrupts us. I smile at him and answer my phone. "Hello?" I ask. "Come to my room, i bought new makeup for tonight , and i also got new hair supplies" Lou replies back. I laugh "Ok , be there in like a minute." I respond hanging up. I smile at Liam who is pouting cause i have to leave. "I would say for you to come but its girly stuff. " I laugh kissing his cheek. "Ok , come back though" He says smiling. "Of course i will" I say opening the door. "Bye" I hear him say and i close the door. I walk quickly to Lou's room. I knock quick and she opens it. "Why are you blushing?" She asks walking over to her table that is full of MAC bags and products. "No reason" I lie and smile at her. I walk to the table and look at all the makeup she got. "He kissed you didn't he?" She asks smiling big. I try to act calm but i can't. "We did more than kiss! We madeout for like 15 minutes then Louis walked in. I can't even explain the butterflies i had in my stomach." I explain. She smiles at me "I'm very happy for you" she says handing me a bag. "What's this?" I ask looking through the bag. The bag is full of makeup. Expensive makeup. "It's for you. I saw it at the store and it reminded me off your dress , I thought you might like it." She says. I smile. "Thank you but you didn't have to do that. I could have bought it" I say feeling bad she spent money on me. "Take it, it's another welcoming present" She smiles. I nod. I never really liked when people spent money on me. I just feel like they have to support themselves not me. I accept it anyway. Lou has been nothing but nice to me as soon as we met. I love her for that. "So did you like it?" She asks cutting my train of thought. "The dress? Of course i liked it. I love it. Thank you so much. I can't wait to wear it" I smile big and give her a hug. She laughs. The anticipation is building. I can't wait for tonight. 

[Kinda suckish. Let me know if you like it ? Leave comments :) XX.]

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