Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


18. Jealousy

I wake up and Liam isn't in the room. I see a note on my table. I sit up and go get it. 'You were sleeping so beautifully i didn't want to wake you, come over later' It says. I smile and put it back on the table. We have an interview today. And the tour starts in two days. I almost forgot . I go over to the bathroom and shower. Since today is Sunday i figure i'll stay in sweat pants until the interview which is later on tonight. I take a quick shower and when i get out throw my hair in a messy bun and put on a Victoria Secret sweatsuit. I decide to go to the boys room. I leave my room and head over to theirs. I knock. "Who is it?" Harry asks. "Its me" I reply. He opens the door. I walk in. I see no body is here. "They went to the pool." Harry says before i even ask where they are. "Oh" I say feeling weird. "You can stay if you like, i was just looking at tattoo designs , I want to add more to my collection" He says walking to the laptop on the coffee table. I guess i will stay, i mean he won't bite. I walk over and sit next to him and look at the screen. "What do you want to get?" I ask. "I don't know , maybe you can help me" He says smirking with his dimples popping out of his cheeks. I smile back trying to be friendly. "Ok how bout this one?" I ask pointing to a dragon tattoo on the screen. "Erm, i don't think so" He replies. "I cant picture you with it now that i think of it" I laugh. "I can't either" He says looking at a few more tattoos. I see a butterfly tattoo. I point to it "That one!" I say laughing.  "Where should i get it?" Harry asks. "I was kidding" I say laughing again. "I'm not " He says smiling. "Your stomach " I smile. "Ok then , i will get a butterfly on my stomach. " He smirks and closes the laptop. "Are you serious?" I ask. "Do i look like i'm lying?" He asks laughing. "Yeah cause your laughing." I say back. "I'm serious" he says getting up and walking to the mini fridge. "Sure" I laugh and take out my phone and start playing games on it. "Would you like a drink?" He asks. "I'll have a soda , if there is one" I say not taking my eyes off my phone. Harry walks over to me and passes me a coke. "Thanks" I smile and take it from him. He sits on the couch and starts playing on his phone too. I take a sip of my coke. "When are the rest of the boys coming back?" I ask curiously. "They left like an hour ago so they should be back soon." He looks up at me and just stares. "What?" I ask feeling uncomfortable. "Your not wearing makeup" He states. "I was to lazy to put some on this morning." I reply. That was weird. I wonder why he said that. "You look prettier without it" He says smirking. I shift in my seat. "Um. Thanks" I say. Is he flirting with me? The boys come back into the room. "Hey Crista" they all say. "Hi guys" I smile. Liam walks in and sees that i was sitting on the couch with Harry. His face gets serious. I stand up and kiss Liam on the cheek. "Hi Liam." I say trying to get him to get his mind of Harry. He smiles at me. "How long have you been here?" He asks. "Only like 20 minutes" I say. He smiles at me and gives Harry a weird look. "Sooooo " Louis says changing the subject. "Tonight we are celebrating the tour with a little party after the interview." Zayn says smiling and sitting on the couch next to Harry. "Where at?" I question. "A club" Niall says. "Am I invited?" I ask. "Duh, its not a party until Crista is there" Louis say smiling. I laugh. Liam is quiet and goes to sit on the balcony. I look at everyone and they shrug. I follow him. "Is everything ok?" I ask sitting next to him. He nods. "Li?" I say smiling and shaking his leg. He gets up and closes the balcony door. He sits back down and turns to me. "I didn't like the fact that you and Harry were alone together" He admits. "What?" I ask laughing. "He is a flirt, and i'm scared he will take you away from me." He says. I smile and put my hand on his cheek. He looks me in the eyes. "You won't loose me, I promise." I say and kiss him. When i pull away he is smiling. "I believe you " He says and pulls me in for another kiss. I laugh when we are done cause i realize the shades are open and Louis, Niall , and Zayn are watching me and Liam and eating popcorn. Liam laughs too. "Get it Liam!" Louis yells and fist pumps the air. We both laugh and come back inside. "A little privacy would have been nice" Liam says laughing and pushing Louis out of the chair. I laugh. "Lets do something to kill time" Niall says. "How bout a little game of truth or dare" Louis says. 

[sorry guys the chapters are kind of sucky, I have a little writers block. Tell me how you like it XX.]

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