Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


4. Interview

Liam has been in my room for about 45 minutes. "So how many celebrity's hair did you style?" He asks interested in my whole life story. "About " I say thinking "Um, 70" I smile. Liam's eyebrows go up. "70? And your only 19?" He asks shocked. I laugh "I have been styling hair since i was 16" . Liam is about to say something but someone knocks very loudly on my door, interrupting him. I get up. "Who is it?" I ask. "It's Louis!" Louis yells. I open the door. Louis walks right in. "Come on mate Crista needs to rest" He says shaking Liam's shoulder. Liam gets up. "I didn't notice the time." He says walking with Louis to the door. I look at the clock it's 12 AM. I smile. "Good-Night boys" I say and close the door. That was really weird. But i'm happy he came over. I lay in my bed and instantly fall asleep. 


"Harry stay still!" Lou yells as she fixes his curls. We are backstage at Good Morning Britain. The boys are promoting their album and tour. I am blow drying Louis' hair and putting it in a quiff. I have already done Zayn's hair , and Niall's. Lou is doing Liam and Harry's. "Almost done love?" Louis asks me. I smile and nod. "Done!" I yell . Louis looks in the mirror. "I love it , thank you" He says getting up and fixing his outfit. Lou finishes Harry''s and all the boys are ready. The show starts in ten minutes. "Good job on the hair" Lou smiles at me. "Thanks" I laugh. I notice Lux looking at a book. I go sit down next to her. She looks at me and goes back to her book. I point to the pictures and start saying whatever the picture is. "Cat" I say pointing to a black baby kitten. Lux smiles. "Cat" She says copying me. I smile. I hear Lou "Told you she would like you". I smile and continue. I hear the music to the morning show begin. The host comes out and starts talking a little . "Good luck guys" I say to all five of them. "One Direction!" I hear the host say. The crowd screams bloody murder. I pick up Lux and walk over to Lou who is watching them on the little TV the show provides us. I can't really hear what shes saying to them cause all the girls screaming is a little crazy. Lou takes Lux and starts playing Patty cake. "Is it always this loud?" I practically yell. "Yeah, But you'll get used to it." She replies. I smile and watch as much as i can of the interview. After 20 minutes the interview is over. The boys come backstage and start getting ready to leave. "How was it?" Lou asks getting Lux's coat on. "I'm going to be honest, that lady's laugh sounds like a dying animal." Louis says. Everyone starts laughing. I pack up my hair products . "Need help?" Liam asks. "A little " I say almost dropping my blowdryer and hair gel. Liam catches them. "Watch out " He laughs. "Sorry" I laugh. "Are we doing anything else?" Zayn asks. "Not till later on tonight" Lou says. We all walk to the limo. Liam puts my stuff in the trunk. We all get in the limo. I sit next to Lou and Niall. "Turn on the radio please!" Harry yells to the driver. 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' by Taylor Swift comes on. Everyone looks at Harry and laughs. "Change it " He says. The driver changes it to 'LWWY' . Everyone screams and sings along. Lux claps her hands excitedly and i laugh at how cute she is. "Is there any malls around here?" I ask randomly. "I think their is one by the hotel." Lou says. "Will it be ok if i go buy a few things when we get back?" I ask. Lou nods. "Can i go to? I have to buy new shoes." Niall asks. "Can i come to , just for the fun of it" Liam says. "I need new jeans " Harry says . "You guys can come too " I smile." We should all just go." Lou says laughing. "Mall trip!" Louis yells. 




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