Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


9. HomeSick and Car Rides

I go back to my room. I hear my phone ring so i run to it. Its my mom. "Hi mom!" I say excitedly. "Hi sweetie. How are you?" She asks. "I'm good I actually have to do the boys hair for an interview later." I say . "So how's england? " She asks. "Very foggy" I laugh. "Jessica told me something today" She says strangly. Jessica is my cousin who lives with my mom and dad. "What did she say?" I ask. "She was on that media website Tweeter or something and she saw you were dating that Liam boy. The one with the shaven head." she says laughing. "I am not dating him!" I say blushing. "Sure sweetie," She says. "And it's not shaven its in a little quiff." I state. I hear my dad in the back. "I'm sorry honey this conversation was short but i have to drive you dad to the airport. Love you kat." She says. When i hear my nickname tears fall down my face. "Ok love you guys" I sniffle. "Don't cry sweetie , i'll see you soon." and with that she hangs up. I wipe my tears of my face. I hate being home sick. When i lived in America i never was homesick cause wherever i went thats were my family went. But now i'm alone. My phone beeps. Lou texted me 'be in the lobby in five minutes' . I get up and look in the mirror. My face is red and blotchy from crying. I shrug it off and get my stuff ready. I lock my door and head to the lobby. Lou and the boys are already down here. Lou is talking to some security guards, And the boys are talking to each other. Liam sees me first. "Are you ok? Your face is red?" He asks. "Have you been crying?" Niall says when he sees me. "Whats wrong love?" Louis asks. "Nothing, i'm just a little homesick" I say. "We got double security" Zayn says changing the subject. "Why?" I ask looking at the new buff guards. "The girls want to scratch you eye balls out cause you stole Liam from them" Louis says. "What!?" I freak out. Everyone laughs. "Hes only joking, There are more girls than we thought out there so we need more just in case." Liam explains. "Oh ok , i thought they really wanted to kill me." I laugh. Lou comes over "ready everyone?" She asks. we all nod. Liam looks at me before we leave. "Do you want me to hold your hand again?" he asks smiling. I hold out my hand and he grabs it. When we walk to the car it feels like everyone is staring at me and him. We get in the car and he is still holding my hand. All the boys stare at our intertwined hands. "We are in the car now mate!" Louis jokes breaking up or hands. I smile. Lou looks at me and winks . I shake my head and look out the window. This is going to be a fun night.

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