Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


10. Hair Prep

We are still in the car heading to the interview. "Who is interviewing you guys tonight?" I ask them all. "Alan Carr" Liam answers. I jump out of my chair. "I love him! He is so funny!" I practically yell at them. They laugh. "How do you know him , they don't show him in America" Louis asks. I smile. "Like every other girl on the planet, i love you guys so i just watch all your interviews." I say blushing. All the boys smile. "What's you favorite one?" Niall asks. I think and start laughing. "The one when Alan is like 'Harry Harry give me some of your gravy!'" I imitate him. Everyone in the car laughs. Harry is blushing cause i basically told him to give me his gravy. "We should be there in five minutes" The driver yells to us. Lou is on her phone. "Look here" She says holding out her phone to me. I take it. On her screen is the trends on Twitter. 'We ship Criam' Is trending number one worldwide. Liam looks at the phone and smiles big. "Criam is very creative" He laughs. "The fans gave you a name now?" Louis laughs grabbing the phone from my hand. This is crazy, we don't even date. "Give me my phone " Lou laughs taking it from Louis. We are down the street from the studio and i can already hear the fans screaming. Liam takes my hand again. "Oooohhhh Leeyummm" Zayn says winking. "Shutup guys, she doesn't like big crowds ." He smiles. We pull up to the studio gates. Tons of guards are holding the fans back. "After the show we should try to take pictures with them" Harry says looking out the window. The boys all agree. One of the guards opens are door and escorts us out. Liam pulls me by my hand and i follow him. There are flashes of light everywhere so i get a little dizzy. I feel someone behind me push me to the place i need to go. I think its Harry cause i hear him say "Careful". We finally get inside. My head is pounding. "Are you ok?" Liam asks. "Yeah i'm fine. I got a little dizzy, i think Harry helped me." I say smiling. We all walk to the dressing room. Liam is still holding my hand. "Get in your chairs boys" Lou yells playfully. They all sit.  "Crista, start with Niall." She says pointing to him. I nod my head and leg go of Liam's hand. Niall sits down in his chair. "Hurry up, I'm starving" He laughs. I smile and put his hair in his usual style. "All set! You can eat now" I laugh. "Thank you" Niall says getting up. Liam sits in the chair next. "Did i tell you that you look lovely today" He smiles. I smile. "The usual style?" I ask . He nods. I take some gel and put some in his hair. "Like this?" I ask putting a mirror in front of his face. "Perfect thanks babe." He gets up and kisses my cheek. I blush. Did he really kiss my cheek? He walks to Lou who is doing the boys makeup while i do their hair. Louis sits down next. "So" He says smirking. "So" I respond smiling back. "I saw what just happened here" He says. "And what was that?" I question almost finishing his hair. "You know , that little kiss" He says. I smirk. "All finished, Next!" I yell. Louis playfully pushes me and moves on to Lou. I laugh. Harry sits down next. "Jesus, where can i start ? With these curls i will take a year." I joke. Harry laughs. "I know, Can you kind of put these curls in a little quiff?" He asks holding the strands of hair. "Sure" I smile. I do as he says. "Like this?" I ask making sure. "Yeah, Thanks love." He says getting up. Last is Zayn. "Come on Zayn!" I say patting the chair. He walks over and sits. "Can you do a normal quiff?" He asks smiling. "Sure thang" I say with a funny accent. When i finish with all the boys hair , Alan comes in as if on cue. "Boys!" He yells. "Alan!" They respond. "Are you ready for the show?" He asks. "Yes we are" They say. "The show starts in 10" He smiles. "Lou! It's so good to see you.And -" He turns to me. "You must be Crista!" He smiles and shakes my hand. He turns to Liam and winks. "Nice to meet you " I say. "Your very lovely! Good to meet you" He smiles and walks to the door "Show starts soon" He smiles and closes the door.

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