Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


25. Feelings?

 Liam's happy brown eyes now turned into angry ones. I regretted telling him what happened as soon as i opened my mouth. He sits on the edge of our bed, his hands in fists. He looks like he could kill someone. I stand in front of him. "Li, calm down , I pushed him really hard, i think he knows he did wrong." I say trying to convince Liam not to rip Harry's head off. Liam looks me in the eyes. "Are you sticking up for him?" He asks anger rising in his voice. "No, I just don't want you to do anything stupid." I reply a little hurt. "Why would you not want me to do something? He had no right to kiss my girlfriend!" He is yelling now. But the weird thing is, I don't know why I am sticking up for him. I should be just as angry  . He stands up "I am going for a walk" He says putting on his shoes. "I will come with you." I suggest walking towards him. "Alone!" He yells and leaves the room. What did i do? Out of no where tears start flowing down my cheeks. I decide to go lay on the beach. I walk out of the room and sit on a beach chair that is close to the crystal clear water. Still crying i sit there and think. After a while people start filling the beach. So i force myself to stop crying. You never know when the paps are around. I feel a light hand on my shoulder. I turn to see Eleanor. Her face soft and understanding. I then see Louis walking towards the bar with Harry. I return my focus on Eleanor who has pulled a chair up next to me. "Have you been crying?" She asks studying my face. "Yeah " I reply while wiping tears off my eyes. "What happened ? " She asks, a confused look on her face. "Harry kissed me. And when i told Liam he freaked out and now he is mad at me." I say quickly. Her jaw drops. "He kissed you!" She says shocked. "Yeah. I feel terrible." I say putting my hand on my forehead. "How come?" She wipes away my smudged mascara. "Because, I think i liked it when he kissed me." I shock myself admitting what i just said. El looks at me. "What about Liam?" she asks sounding like a scared little kid. "I love Liam. I just don't know why i liked it when Harry kissed me." I confuse my self more when I actually say what i'm thinking. El hugs me. "If you need to talk to me about anything i'm here" She says pulling away from the hug and smiling. I smile back. "thank you" I reply happy someone is acting normal toward me today. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look and its Liam . "Can we talk?" He asks. He looks like he was crying too. Why would he be crying? I nod my head and get up. Me and Liam start walking down the beach together. "I'm sorry i got so angry" he says holding my hand. "Its fine really" I respond. "I made you cry. " He says stopping me from walking and going in front of me so he is looking in my eyes. "I'm fine" I say again. He starts mumbling about something so to stop him from giving me a headache i kiss him. This is unexpected to him but then he kisses back. "Ok or we can just kiss to solve our issues " He laughs. "I like that way better" I say laughing too. He puts his arm around me and we walk back to where Eleanor is. "Are you guys better now?" She asks excitedly. "Yes we are " I smile. I see Harry staring at me from the bar, His green eyes watching my every move. "Crista?" Liam asks. "Huh?" I say returning back to reality. "Would you want to go scuba diving?" He asks. "Oh yeah sure" I reply. Oh no. Harry is starting to be a distraction.

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