Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


11. Feelings

I sit on the couch with everybody backstage waiting for the boy's to be called. Finally  a voice on the intercom says 'One Direction on stage now'. The boys all get up. Liam kisses my cheek again and leaves with the rest of them. I get butterflies. Lou smiles. "Looks like Crista has a favorite" She says doing a little dance. I laugh. "Maybe" I respond. She puts on the TV. We both watch. "So guys, how has the week been? A little crazy?" Alan asks. "Yeah we start tour next week so we've been prepping for that" Zayn says. "New people joining the 1D crew?" Alan asks looking at Liam. All the boy's smile big. "Yes we actually got a new hair stylist" Louis says smiling. "What's her Name Liam?" Alan asks. "Her name is Crista" Liam smiles. Lou playfully punches my arm. I try to start breathing again. Alan pulls up the picture of me and Liam holding hands. "She is very beautiful " Alan says. The crowd says 'awww'. My face is beet red. Liam is blushing to. "She is  beautiful." He responds smiling. All the boys punch Liam. I get up from the couch and go to the bathroom. I wash my face with water. Did that just happen? I'm dying inside. I take a breather and walk back to the couch. Lou is smiling. "What did i miss?" I ask sitting next to her. "Liam just said he was going to ask you out on a date" She smiles big. "Oh my god really!?" I ask freaking out "yeah . you were in the bathroom for a while, the interview is already over." She say still smiling. I hear the boys come down the hall. Lou smiles "Maybe he will ask you now!" She says excitedly. My face turns red. I was always shy when it comes to boys. Expecially pop stars. The boys pile into the room. "What an interesting interview. Huh Liam?" Louis says sitting down next to me. Liam smiles and gets a bottle of water from the mini fridge they have back here. "Do you watch it?" Louis asks me. "Of course i watched it , but i missed the end." I say smiling. "So you heard what Liam said about you?" Zayn asks sitting on the other side of me. I blush and nod my head. Before anyone says anything else a guard comes in. "Boys you have 20 minutes to take pictures and chat with the fans." The guard says with a raspy voice. "We will wait in the car while you guys do your thing." Lou says taking my hand. I follow her and we walk to the exit. A man comes to escort us out. The girls outside start going crazy, thinking we are the boys. When they realize were not they calm down. Me and Lou laugh. The man helps us in the car. "Thank you" we both say. The man smiles and runs back to the studio. "So you know how tomorrow is the Brit-Awards?" Lou asks. "Oh no! I still haven't found a dress!" I panick. "Calm down love. I got you one" She says smiling big. "Thank you so much!" I say relieved. "It's in my hotel room. I noticed you like the color baby blue so i got you a dress that goes up to the knee and its baby blue lace." She says. "It sounds perfect. Thanks again" I hug her. "Consider it a welcoming present" She says pulling away from the hug. "Ok" I laugh. Suddenly the door flys open. I almost fall out and Lou laughs at me. The boys all come into the car. "You almost killed me" I say to Niall who was the one who flung the door open. "Sorry" He laughs. Niall is about to sit next to me when Liam jumps on top of him and sits next to me instead. I laugh. Liam straightens himself out. "Hi" He finally says. "Hello " I reply. "Would you like to go out to dinner when we get back? There is a great place a few blocks from the hotel." He asks smiling big. "I would love to " I say

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