Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


5. Fail

"Shouldn't  you were disguises or something?" I ask as we sit in the limo in the mall parking lot. "If we just wear our hoods we should be fine" Liam says. "It's 10AM there shouldn't be much people here." Zayn says. I nod and open the door. Nobody is in the parking lot so far. All of us get out. Lux waddles next to me holding my hand. "That's so cute" Lou says. I smile. "Put your hoods on everyone." Lou says putting on her hood. "Why should i ?" I ask. "Half the world all ready knows we have a new hair stylist" Niall replies. "I just started yesterday" I say shocked. "Our fans know everything" Louis says. I put my hood on. "Ready everyone?" I ask . "Yeah" Everyone says. We all walk to the mall entrance. I catch a glimpse of the hotel before we enter, there are fans everywhere. Thats crazy. I would still be sleeping if i didn't have work. "Be careful" Liam yells. I stop realizing i was about to bump into the mall door. Everyone laughs even Lux. "Oh , I was looking at the hotel there are fans everywhere." I say laughing at myself. Harry holds the door open for us. "Our fans love us" Harry says while holding the door.   I smile at him as if i'm saying thanks for holding the door without saying anything. Everyone stops walking. I don't know why but then i see it. The whole mall is full with girls wearing One Direction shirts. Some have signs. Its like they knew we were going to be here. "We can leave and come back another time" I say knowing if we stay we might get trampled by fans. Everyone nods. As we turn around to go back to the limo i hear a girl yell "LOOK THERE THEY ARE!" Oh no. I pick up Lux and we all start running back to the limo. It sounds like a stampede is behind us. We all get in the limo and the driver steps on the gas bringing us to the hotel across the street. "I knew we should have brought Paul." Lou says. "Well at least were safe now" I say. All of a sudden i hear screams. The boys smile and wave to all the girls outside of the car. "Remember last week when that girl flashed us" Louis says. The boys laugh. "And she left her nipple marks on the window" Harry says laughing. I start laughing. "Thank god Lux wasn't in the car" Lou says also laughing. We take about five minutes to get to the garage of the hotel. Girls were practically crawling on the car. We get out and head back to our rooms. I need coffee. Instead of going to my room i go to the lobby. A receptionist sits at the front desk. I walk up to him. "Excuse me sir?" I ask politely. "How may i help you?" He smiles big. "Is there a coffee shop or something around here?" i ask. He thinks for a second. "Right next door there's a Starbucks " He again smiles. "Thanks" I say and walk away. Everyone has went back to their rooms so i should be fine going alone. I walk out of the hotel and rush over to Starbucks. The fans don't notice me so i'm fine. I go into the store , fans everywhere again. The cashier takes my order . I feel someone tap me. I turn to see a fan. "Hello " I smile. "Your their new hairstylist right?" the girl asks excitedly. "Yeah " I laugh. So far shes the only one to notice who i was. The cashier hands me my coffee. "Can i take a picture with you?" The girl smiles. "Sure" I reply. She pulls out her IPhone and uses the front camera. We both smile and she snaps the picture. "Thanks so much!" She says. "Your welcome I will see you later" I say walking out. I go back to the hotel. When i get back i go to Lou's room cause mine is really boring. I knock. "Who is it?" She asks sweetly. "It's me" I say sipping my iced coffee. She opens the door and lets me in. "Where's my coffee?" She asks looking offended. "Sorry " I laugh. I sit on the bed next to Lux. "Where there fans ?" She says . "Yeah i took a picture with one" I reply. "I'm surprised no one else noticed you" She says.  "I'm kind of glad they didn't , I have anxiety when it comes to big crowds of people." I say playing with Lux's hands. "The boys with protect you, especially Liam." She smiles at me. I blush a little. She laughs "I heard them talking last night at like one in the morning. Harry fancies you a little too. " She continues. What? Is she serious. I knew Liam did but Harry too? 

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