Big Problems

When 19 year old Crista gets offered to work for British-Irish boyband One Direction as a hair stylist, she instantly takes it. But when she starts working for them she realizes some of the boys start getting feelings for her. Will her getting the job break up One Direction?


22. Excitement

We have been on tour for three weeks now. We've been so busy its crazy. We finally have a mini vacation. Thank god. If I spent another week on this bus I might go insane. "Crista?" I hear Louis call. I jump down from my bed and head over to the front of the bus where the boys are sitting. "Yeah?" I ask standing by the couch. "Me, El, and Harry are going on a vacation in the Bahamas. Would you and Liam like to go with us?" He asks smiling. "Oh my god yes! I always wanted to go to the Bahamas!" I exclaim jumping up and down. All the boys laugh at me. "We are leaving tomorrow morning." Harry says. "Ok. That's enough time to go shopping!" I say running over to my bed and taking my purse out from underneath it. I hear footsteps coming towards me. I glance up and see Liam smiling. "We are stopping at a hotel in about an hour. But when we get to the hotel me and you are going out to shop for some clothes." He says helping me off the floor. "That sounds great to me!" I smile and he kisses me quick on the lips.

                                              *****************TWO HOURS LATER*****************

"How about this one?" I ask holding up a blue sun dress to my chest. "It looks nice to me" Liam says smiling. "Ok" I say throwing the dress into my cart. I have enough clothes but now all I have to get is a bathing suit. "I need a bathing suit, I'll be over there" I say pointing to the racks of bikinis over by the dressing rooms. Liam smiles and nods then goes back to his own shopping. I make my way over to the isle with bathing suits. I spot the perfect one. The bathing suit is strapless and is navy blue with red polka dots. I check if they have my size. They do! I throw it in my cart and bring it to the cashier. I feel a tap in my shoulder. I turn to see Liam. "What?" I smile.What are you doing?" He asks. "Paying" I say laughing. "I'm paying." He says bringing his cart next to mine and putting his clothes in with mine. "Liam , you don't have to I have my own money." I say feeling bad. "I want to buy it. Now hush up and let me" He says laughing. I sigh "Ok". He pays for our clothes and we leave to go back to the hotel for the night.

                                           **********************NEXT MORNING************************

I wake up with Liam's arms wrapped around my waist. I look at the time 7:30 AM. I jump realizing we leave at 8:30. I turn to over to Liam's face. "Li? Li?" I ask. He doesn't budge. So I start kissing his forehead. His eyes are still closed. I kiss his soft lips. I pull away and see his lips curl into a smile. "One more please" He asks puckering his lips. I kiss him again. "Thank you " He says sitting up. I laugh. "We leave in an hour!" I say excitedly. "We should get packing then." He smiles. I get up and walk over to my suitcase that is already full of items for the trip. I then start folding all the new clothes I got and putting them in my suitcase. I feel hands crawl around my waist. My stomach fills with butterflies. I then feel kisses burn my neck. "Liam" I say trying to not get distracted. He continues to plant kisses on my neck. I turn to face him. He then kisses my lips. My hands find my way to his neck. His hands find his way to my waist. My body feels like its on fire. He kisses my neck once more. "Liam we have to pack" I say again. He rests his fore head on mine. His puppy dog eyes stare at me. "Ok , But we will continue in the Bahamas." He smirks walking over to his bag and starting to pack. What does he mean by we will continue in the Bahamas?


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