My Heart, Soul and Body Belong Only to You

Avery is pushed past her breaking poing one night when her abusive father does everything to her except take away her virginity. But a mysterious stranger rescues her from the clutches of her father when she has lost all hope. His name is Devon who has a dark past of his own and plans to keep it a secret from Avery. She plans to do everything in her power to make him reveal it to her. Will she break him? Or will he break her?


3. Chapter 3

After a delicious brunch (I woke up around eleven) of fluffy, chocolate pancakes with sweet syrup, eggs and bacon, I finally grew a pair and decided to ask Devon, "How did you find me?"

He finished chewing his eggs and replied with, " I was just walking home from the Starbucks around the corner when I heard screaming and I begun to run towards it. When I came across the secluded alleyway, I saw that bastard raping you! Did you even know that fucker?"

I gulped down my last bite of puffy pancake and I didn't look at Devon as I felt the tears gather in my eyes. "Yeah, he was my dad." The clinking of cutlery ceased from his side of the table and his free hand clenched into a fist, knuckles protruding from the skin.

" Your . . . father?" I nodded once as the tears broke free of their bindings.

" E-ever since m-y-y mum-m d-ied he's mo-lested me!" I wailed. I saw him run quickly around the table and envelopd me in his arms, his mouth against the top of my head.

" How did she die?" he mumbled, muffled by my hair.

" No-t-t y-et." I sniffled. Devon nodded understandingly.

We stayed like that for a couple of minutes before he said, " Why don't you go wash up and we'll go out somewhere, just the two of us. Somewhere your father will never guess you are."

"Ok, I guess." I broke the hug, sadly and started for the stairs.

"Oh, and Avery?" I halted and turned my head slightly to face him. "There's a surprise in the top drawer of the white dresser." Smiling, I nodded and continued on my way.

When I reached the landing, I turned left down the hallway and saw the room Devon had carried me out of. I walked in and saw the white dresser. There were a few things on top of it so I went over to see. I picked up the pinkish bottle with a green bow tied around the top. It read, 'Honey Sweetheart' and I assumed that was the scent. I sprayed a bit into the air in front of me and walked into it, smelling the fresh fragrance that was like summer. The next was deoderant; thank goodness, I haven't showered in a week. The things that followed were a body wash, shampoo and conditioner and lotion.

Pondering what might be contained in the top drawer of the dresser, I slid it open soundlessly and gasped. There were beautiful clothes, carefully folded so they would not crease. Each one was a different colour, none the same and I saw a pair of jeans that I would never part with. Black, dark-washed and embroidered on the bum, exactly my style. I gently took them out and placed them on the bed to wear after the shower. I'd pick a shirt later.

Grabbing the shampoo, conditioner and body wash, I walked into the pristine bathroom and saw a toothbrush and toothpaste. Bless him, Devon that boy. He sure knew exactly what I needed. I stripped and stepped into the shower and let the clean, warm water wash way my countless worries.

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