My Heart, Soul and Body Belong Only to You

Avery is pushed past her breaking poing one night when her abusive father does everything to her except take away her virginity. But a mysterious stranger rescues her from the clutches of her father when she has lost all hope. His name is Devon who has a dark past of his own and plans to keep it a secret from Avery. She plans to do everything in her power to make him reveal it to her. Will she break him? Or will he break her?


2. Chapter 2

Crack! My eyes shoot open and I think , " My father's coming to drag my fat ass out of bed and is drunk." That's never a good combination in the morning. I realize, a couple seconds later that the sound was just lightning streaking across the sky. The light pitter-patter of the rain has a calming effect to my restless senses. I don't remember coming home and going to bed. I look down at my chest to see what damage has been done but only see an spotless, white, v-neck t-shirt that grossly overwhelms my frail frame. The sleeves raise up past my elbows as I feel the silken sheets that cover my legs and reveal scratches from the night before. But were they from last night? I feel much more rested than I usually do.

Finally making the decision to get up and walk around, I push the sheets to the side, swing my legs around and stand up. Only to come crashing to the hardwood floor.

Sounds of someone running to my room reach my ears and I crawl to the bed but can't make use of my legs. I curl myself into a ball and hide my face with my hands, tears streaming down my face. How long can this abuse continue for?! How long can my father, spitting the word in my thoughts, continue to not get caught?! I wail loudly as the door opens and the footsteps from earlier slow to a walk. Why is he not saying anything like "Get your lazy ass to school or else I'll beat you until you're beyond dead!" Or something along those lines.

The footsteps cease in front of me and the rustle of clothing suggest that he sat down. I look up with pink, puffy eyes to see a drop-dead GORGEOUS guy sitting cross-legged in front of me with concern written all over his face.

"Are you alright?" His voice is soothing and my shoulders relax to the sound of it. He stares at me with the same emerald eyes of the person who saved me from my father...

"You're that guy," My mouth hangs open in shock. " who saved me from my father!" He lets out a light chuckle; music to my ears.

"Yep. That's me." His green eyes look so inviting. Would you like something to eat? You've been asleep for three days." I stare, stunned by the comment. Three days?!?! I've never gotten more than 5 hours of sleep since sweet mum passed away after my abusive father beat her to death and took 'care' of me.

"Uh, yeah," I stumble over my words. "Sure, thanks." I let out a small smile.

"Great, and by the way, you're really pretty when you smile." He grins and I blush, turning away.

"Thanks." I attempt to stand up again but just fall down again, blushing harder than ever.

"Here, I got you." Putting one arm underneath my legs and the other supporting my back, he lifts me up gently and carries me, bridal-style out the door, without cracking my head against the door frame. "So, what's your name again?" He questions me. Before I answer, I can't help but notice the rippling of his arms as he carries my weight or his light-brown hair that has dark, natural streaks in it.

"Avery," I answer. "Avery Lovering."

"Hm, pretty name for a beautiful girl." He emerald eyes stare into my slightly less green eyes and I blush furiously.

I mumble slightly, " thank you." Once again.

We walk down a huge, white stair case, through a beautiful living room and carries me into a huge kitchen with. I squint a bit due to the change of lighting from my dark room to this bright kitchen.

"Anyways," he says nonchalantly as he walks to the fridge and reaches for the orange juice. " My name's Devon. Now, what would you like to eat?"

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