My Heart, Soul and Body Belong Only to You

Avery is pushed past her breaking poing one night when her abusive father does everything to her except take away her virginity. But a mysterious stranger rescues her from the clutches of her father when she has lost all hope. His name is Devon who has a dark past of his own and plans to keep it a secret from Avery. She plans to do everything in her power to make him reveal it to her. Will she break him? Or will he break her?


1. Chapter 1

Cheeks, flushed red from the exertion, legs, pumping, but feel like lead, and hair, tangled like a rat's nest, as I stumble down the dead-end alleyway. His sloppy footsteps echo loudly against the brick walls and his heavy panting follows me. I come to the end of the alleyway and whimper, searching frantically for a ladder or a way out, but finding nothing. My head is pounding as I crumble to the ground in a defeated heap. I don't even turn around when i hear him stumble, catch himself and walk the little distance that separates us.

"You little bitch, now you're gonna pay for the shit you put me through!" He grabs the back of my neck and shoves a knife up against my throat. Too weak to even acknowledge the serrated edge against my throat, I give in to his commands.


I smell the booze on his breath as he whispers in my ear, "You know the drill, whore." My salty tears stream down my dirt-streaked face as I begin to unbutton my over-sized, ripped flannel shirt. As soon as my shirt has slid down to my wrists, calloused hands grip my breasts and squeeze. He massages them gruffly and then grips my neck and forces me against the cold wall. I stand there, immobile and he starts to roughly handle my breasts. He pinches my nipples, then sucks on them with his wet, sloppy tongue and bites down hard. I let out a bloodcurdling screech and the blood drips over my breasts and down my naked, exposed, abused body.

Without letting me recover, he shoves his hand down my panties, rips them in the process, and invades me with two fingers. Grinds them. Then three. Grinds harder. Then four and stuffs me like a thanksgiving turkey with his fat, bulbous hand. He grinds painfully and manages, with his puny brain, to hit my g-spot. I moan loudly in a guilty pleasure and he scoffs.

"Enjoying this, are we?"

I force myself to burrow beneath my skin's surface and take refuge in my ribcage.

I am numb. Once again I belong to him. It's exactly alike every other time. And there's nothing I can do about it.

I barely see the blurry figure tear my father off of me and beat him to a pulp.

A faint sensation of being lifted into the air comes across me and I open my eyes for a moment to glance into the emerald eyes of my savior before my body slacks and my whole world goes dark..


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