Protect me

This is about a shy girl who is threatened and in danger because of her father's wealthiness and many enemies. Sophie meets a man, the son of one of her father's enemies, and falls in love almost immediately. He swears to protect her from all harm, and to keep her safe and happy.


3. The paper plane


The man gripped my father by his collar.

"You will not keep her from me." he breathed into his face.

I wanted to run out. To show myself and have him take me, so that no more harm would come to my father. But I second guessed myself. Was this what the man meant? That I would want to come to him?

I ran off to my room as soon as the man let my father go and slammed the door behind him. I lay awake in my bed, wondering who this man was, what he wanted with my father and I. 

I heard a rumbling noise outside, near my window. I saw a bent stick slide underneath my window and lift it up.  I slowly  walked to the window, wanting to close it but at the same time curious about who this was.  I peaked out the window, but there was no one in sight.  Hmph. They had hidden.  I sat down on my bed again.  I heard a wooshing noise. I quickly turned around to see a paper airplane swoop into the room.

I quickly snatched it up and unfolded it.  All the airplane said was a small "Hi"

I glanced out the window again.  Like I expected, no one was there. 

I grabbed a pen and wrote quickly "Hello, how are you?"

I folded the plane up and threw it out the window again.  It slowly drifted to the ground.  I thought it was going to drop to the ground when a boy came out of one of doors and picked it up.  He looked about my age, and very much like the man from the door.  He had muscular arms and chiseled features.  He had brown curly hair and a solemn look on his face.  I saw him writing out something on the plane and looked up to launch it, and saw me staring.  He quickly bolted away.

"Wait! Come back!" I yelled, but he was already gone. I shut my window.


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