Protect me

This is about a shy girl who is threatened and in danger because of her father's wealthiness and many enemies. Sophie meets a man, the son of one of her father's enemies, and falls in love almost immediately. He swears to protect her from all harm, and to keep her safe and happy.


4. The letter


Just when i was giving up on the boy with the paper airplane, he showed up again. Well, he communicated with me again.  I walked into my bedroom to see a letter wedged under my window. I smiled when I saw his handwriting on the cover, addressing the letter to "the girl in the window." It said it was from the boy with the paper airplane.  We had nicknames.

Inside was a long letter, expressing his love for me.  It was so beautiful.  He told me the love he has for me was a forbidden love. His father, whom he called "the man from the door", was an enemy of my father's. He did not know why they were enemies, for his father had never told him. His father wanted to take me, just to hurt my father.  He had made fake legal adoption forms, so that my father couldn't get help from the police. His father's goal was to break my father's spirit, as well as his heart.  The boy asked for me to meet him, and to reply as soon as possible.  He said to leave the letter in the door across the way. It was a vacant home, the apartment of his grandmother who was on vacation.  I quickly wrote back, explaining my whole life to him, pouring out my heart.  By the end of the letter, my eyes were swimming in tears.  I folded it up and left it where he told me to.  I stared at the door, once so meaningless to me, now full of importance. It represented a friend, the first one I've ever had.

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