Protect me

This is about a shy girl who is threatened and in danger because of her father's wealthiness and many enemies. Sophie meets a man, the son of one of her father's enemies, and falls in love almost immediately. He swears to protect her from all harm, and to keep her safe and happy.


5. The kidnapping

I opened my eyes to see I was in a cold, empty cellar. I tried to scream out, but I had a gag in my mouth. The last thing i could remember was falling asleep. I was propped up against the wall, tied up with a rope. My father had taught me a technique to get out of a gag, and it worked like a charm. I opened my mouth to scream out, but then I saw the boy at the top of the stairs. He put his fingers to his lips, telling me to be quiet. "Why should I? You probably did this, and I trusted you." I said, sneering at him. "Hush or they'll catch us. I'm trying to get you out." he whispered. He had a softness in his voice I did not expect. "I'm trying to protect you. Remember, from the letter?" he said in his soft voice. He pulled out a small knife and started sawing at the ropes. I watched him work, staring at his features up close. He was even more muscular than he had looked at a distance. His curls made me want to run my fingers through his hair for hours.  His eyes were the color of melted chocolate, and they made me want to melt. He looked up to me and smirked. "What?" he asked. I realized I had been staring rather creepily. "Sorry." i said quickly. Smooth move Sophie.

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