Protect me

This is about a shy girl who is threatened and in danger because of her father's wealthiness and many enemies. Sophie meets a man, the son of one of her father's enemies, and falls in love almost immediately. He swears to protect her from all harm, and to keep her safe and happy.


1. Introduction


My dad sat me down to talk. The same talk again.  The one we always had. About the dangers I would have to face.  Again and again, he would tell me to trust no one and to never leave the house.  My father made many enemies, and he had lots of money. He always told me that someone would either try to kidnap me for ransom, or kill me as revenge. I knew he was concerned for my safety, but he started telling me this at way too young an age.  I was 5, the age where most kids don't here anything about murder and think everyone is friendly.  I learned to trust no one.  I was never allowed to leave the house, or even go to school.  I hid when any visitor came to the house. I'm 16 now.  I've never seen anyone other than my parents, relatives, and the staff.  My dad still never told me how he gained so many enemies. And frankly, I don't want to know.

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