Makorra fanfiction


1. Finally

It had been 3 days since Korra got her bending back and she and Mako finally had had their first real kiss. Their little group had all moved back to Air Temple Island with Tenzin, Pema and their now 4 children. Asami had found herself a very supportive friend in Bolin. After he saved her from Mr. Sato their friendship had grown. Mako and Korra’s relationship hadn’t been very clear though. Mako didn’t act any differently about her since the big kiss on the South Pole. There hadn’t been a third kiss yet and Korra was beginning to worry. She missed feeling his lips against hers. She missed having the feeling that he loved her and wanted her.

It was in the middle of the night and Korra couldn’t sleep. She knew she had to get up early in the morning to help restore the balance of Republic City. There were still some equalists left and many people had lost their bending, which of course they would have to get back and Avatar Korra was the only one who could help them at that point.

Korra sighed and sat up in the bed. From where she was sitting she could through an open window see thousands of lights coming from the city. Naga was sleeping peacefully on her back on the floor. Korra smiled at the snoring polar bear dog, and then looked longingly out on the city once more. She could feel the fire floating in her blood and she knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore that night. She stood up and without making a sound she walked towards the door. Korra was having a hard time seeing in the dark room so she made a small flame in one of her hands and held it out in front of herself. She smiled; the flame reminded her of Mako. Korra went out of the door and walked through the corridors. When she came to Mako’s room she stopped and pressed her ear to the door, maybe he was still awake? The room was dark. She could see that through the square-formed paper window. What would he even be doing at 2 o’clock in the night anyway? She felled stupid standing there in the dark, hoping Mako would be awake. What if he was? What would she do? Probably nothing. She removed herself from the wooden door and began to walk through the corridors once again, still with the tiny heartbeat in her hand. She tried not to make a sound but the old wooden floor made a creaking noise every time she would take a step.

“Stupid floor”, she sighed. Korra soon found herself standing on a beautiful balcony at the end of the hallways. She stepped out in the cool summer night and breathed in the refreshing air. She could smell the sea, which surrounded the small island. She could see thousands of lights coming from the city on the other side of the dark blue water. It was beautiful. Korra leaned over the low fence so she could look down at the small garden under her. Pema and Jinora had done a great job keeping the garden healthy. Jinora loved taking care of the gardens on Air Temple Island. Korra remembered the day where the young airbender child had tried to teach her how to plant a flower. It didn’t go that well though – the flower was destroyed by Korra by a mistake. She smiled to herself. She remembered Jinora’s surprised face. Korra was never asked to help in the gardens again after that. But she didn’t care – gardening wasn’t really her thing.

Suddenly, while she stood in her own little world, seeking through her memories with the airbender children, she heard a creaking noise behind her. Korra quickly turned around with a fireball ready in both her hands.

“Take it easy, it’s just me”, an amused voice said and the dark silhouette came out in the light of the fireballs on the balcony.

“Mako”, said Korra happily and smiled at him.

“Can’t sleep either?”, Mako asked and moved a few steps closer to the young Avatar.

“No”, Korra sighed and turned her face to the sea once more.

“And why is that?”, he asked from a very close distance behind her. She could feel his burning hot body through the thin cold air that kept them apart.

“In a kind of way I’m stressed, but I also feel so tired at the same time”, Korra explained, still with her back turned to Mako.

“If I wasn’t here what would people do? They would have to live a life without their bending. I am the only one who can help them. That is a lot of pressure on one person”, she continued.

“What if something happened to me?”, Korra took at short look at the young man behind her, but then turned her face again. Mako took the last steps and wrapped his strong arms around the Avatar’s waist.

“I would never let anything happen to you, Korra. I will always protect you”, he said and with that he kissed her neck with a pair of burning yet gentle lips. Korra froze for at short moment but then she sighed in a satisfied way and she let the fire in her hands go out. Mako pulled her closer so she could feel his hot body against hers. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, only a pair of black pants. She enjoyed the feeling of his lips against her skin and his arms surrounding her.

“I love you”, he said with a dark voice against her ear and bit her earlobe. His lips started to explore the jaw line with an intense passion. Korra turned around in Mako’s arms, wrapping her arms around his neck and for the first time this night she looked him directly in the eyes. His golden iris glowed in the dark and his pupils were big of lust.

“Well, you know I love you”, she teased him and finally kissed his desired lips. Mako smiled and pulled her closer to him in one quick move, shutting the last space between them out. Korra grinned and kissed the firebender with even more passion. Their tongues were fighting for dominance in a hungry rhythm.

After a few minutes of intense kisses Mako said with a lustful voice:

“Maybe we should find somewhere more private. We wouldn’t want anyone to wake up and find us here like this”. He took a short look at Korra’s pink lips and then looked back into the light blue eyes he knew so well. Korra nodded with a grin as her body was filled with warmth and a strange kind of happiness. The firebender lifted her up in his arms with ease and carried her down the stairs on the left side of the balcony to the flower garden.                

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