Makorra fanfiction


2. Finally (part two)

I know it's not finished, but I lost interest so...

Korra woke up on a hill under tree in Mako’s arms. She could slightly see the sun rising in the horizon behind Republic City and the few clouds that still remained had a light red and orange colour. The willows swayed gently and everything was quiet. Korra sighed and cuddled up closer to Mako. It was a chilly morning but the fire inside Mako’s body kept her warm. She could feel Mako’s red scarf around her neck and wondered how it got there. Korra smiled and kissed the firebender’s cheek with a pair of gentle lips. Mako was still asleep and she could feel him breathe in a steady rhythm. She placed her head on his chest and closed her eyes. 

Korra woke up again thirty minutes later feeling Mako’s finger tips running gently over her bare arm and neck. She looked into the golden pair of eyes that she knew so well. She loved their intensity, their passion. They stared back at her and she blushed. “What are you looking at?”, she asked and leaned on her elbow so their faces were right in front of each other. “Just my beautiful girl”, he said and kissed her forehead. She smiled at the way he said my girl. Was that what she was to him? His girl? She looked down and blushed again. “What are you thinking about?”, he asked, lying down so he could look her in the eyes. Korra smiled and sighed. “Just… uhm… the way you acted in The South Pole. You treated me no different. Like we weren’t together. Like the kiss didn’t mean anything to you. And now… well, I’m really confused right now”. Her mouth formed a smile, but her eyes told Mako differently. Her fingertips made small circles on his bare chest, while she waited for an answer. “I’m sorry I made you feel that way, Korra. I just didn’t want Asami to get more hurt than she already was. And Bolin too. But also because I was afraid to show you my feelings. You know that I’m crazy about you, but because I love so much I didn’t know what to say to you or how to act because I was too shy. I know that it’s a pathetic explanation and I understand why you are mad at me. I’m so sorry, Korra”. He looked at me with a pair of sad and hurt eyes. He was sorry, he truly was. Korra just hugged him, kissed him and whispered I love you. 
They stayed under the tree for another thirty minutes cuddling and whispering sweet words, but suddenly they heard some people talking behind the hill they were lying on. Korra was the first one to get up. She hectically pulled his arm and hissed: “Get up, we need to hide before someone sees us like this! Tenzin will kill me if he knew!”, she said. They hid behind a bush until they were completely alone in the small garden. “What do we do now?”, Mako asked laughing at the situation. “Let’s get out of here. And let’s hope no one knows we’re not in our rooms”, Korra said and started to pick up her clothes which were lying in the grass. They ran together towards the cottage, when they were sure no one would see or hear them. 

In the dinning room Tenzin, Pema and the children were sitting with Bolin and Asami by the table eating their breakfast. Korra and Mako stormed in with messy hair and read heads. Everyone just looked at them and Bolin was laughing a little. 
“Well, I am glad you decided to join us today”, Tenzin said dryly and Bolin laughed even harder, but stopped again when Tenzin sent him a cautionary look. Korra and Mako looked at each other, giggled and sat down by the table. 
“Korra, there is a meeting today at City Hall with the Council and I need you to be there”, Tenzin said a few moments later. “We have to choose a new council member instead of Tarlok and we have to make new rules so benders and nonbenders are equal. They want the avatar to participate in this meeting”.

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