The Psychiatric Ward Game

This is a story about a 14 year old girl who is put in the psychiatric ward after one terrible event at home.She was once a happy young girl with no bad thoughts or worries in her head but after 14 years of her families fight and battles she loses her grip on reality and ends up trying to kill herself but a rush to hospitle saves her life.She is sick of lies, fights, hope, regret, love, loss, pills, wrongs, rights and family.She wants to die but being in a psychiatric ward doesnt help.So she wants to play a game.A one that involes inflicting pain, blood, tears, and screams!




Whats the point trying when you always fail.Why have hope when you will just get your heart crushed.Why dream of nice things when you can never have get it.Why live when you cant handle it.Why do doctors make an effort.Properly because its thire job and they need the money.They subscribe pills and create stupid  appointments.For what?So you can get drugged up and talk about problems.It doesn't help.Nothing helps.The only thing that will help is to be dead.But inflicting pain and fear on others is fun for the time being until i can find a way i could kill myself.To know you have them paranoid.

                                                              SO HERES' MY GAME 

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