Slave week

It was the start of freshman year and everyone knew about slave week it was the way seniors got to have a little fun with the freshmen girls and Emily ended up getting caught up in it! What will happen when she gets bid on by someone she would never want to be with!!!


1. First day of high school

Emily's p.o.v:

I wake up at 7:30 and school started at 9 so I had plenty of time to get ready and pick out a cute outfit. I looked in my closet and found a baby blue dress and added a brown belt followed with brown cowboy boots. I looked in the mirror and said " Perfect". Then i heard my phone buzz it was Rachel. She asked me if I needed a ride to school and I said no my mom is working this morning but she will probably be working tomorrow morning! She said okay and asked if I would meet her in the bathroom before school started because she needed to ask me something! I thought to myself what could she possibly need to ask me because we had already caught up on everything the week before?


I arrived to school and I went to the bathroom and when I walked in Rachel greeted me! I said to her " so what did you need to ask me"? She says " have you heard about the slave week"? I think to myself " oh god I was hoping she wouldn't drag me into this because I know someone would end up getting hurt because she hates when guys just use her for sex but that doesn't stop her from letting guys take advantage of her" I respond to her " yes I have heard about the slave week but I am not entering it and yes you can get made at me but I am not about to sell myself to guys like you do all the time"! Omg I can't believe I just said that to her she is my best friend and I should have just said no instead of making her feel bad about herself. I can see tears forming her eyes and says " wow Emily I might have expected that from some slut but never from you, you are supposed to be there for me not judging me!" She was totally right I shouldn't have said that to here it wasn't my place to say that yet I didn't want her to get hurt! She walks out of the bathroom without another word and with that I walkout and go to my first period thinking about what I had said to her and hoping that she will forgive me!

Rachel's p.o.v:

I can't believe Emily just said that to me! With all the things that I am going through with family and telling her all about and she has the guts to say that it just hurts me she is supposed to understand but then again I have been sleeping around with a lot of guys lately but still I'm just don't know what I am going to say to her her at lunch? Or If I am even going to forgive her!


Lunch time: Emily's p.o.v:

I see Rachel and Sara and I run up to them. By the way Sara is one of Rachel and I best friend! Anyways I walk over to Rachel and say " I am really sorry about earlier and that's the last thing you need to hear and all you need right now is a friend so I am just asking will you forgive me?" Rachel replies " yes I could never stay mad at you!". We both hug and sit down and start eating lunch when Rachel brings up slave week again and she asks " Emily please can we sign up I mean just imagine the hot senior guys exceptionally Harry kissing you and hugging you and snugging with you wouldn't that just be great!" I say to her " I mean it would be nice but no oneis going to bid on me because I am not going to be the girl!" " you know the last girl that all the seniors bid on" I say and Rachel says " Emily you are so pretty I wouldn't be supposed if you beat me to the last girl" as she smiles and Sara adds in " guys why do you care about this so much anyway?" I say " I don't even care I'm not the one that wants to enter that's Rachel"!! There's a long pause and then Rachel say guys look there putting up the sign ups an I am going to go sign me an Emily up! I say quickly " no Rachel you can't just go sign yourself up and be done with it" after about five minutes the bell rings and we all go deprecate ways to walk to our fourth period!"
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