Long Lost Love

18 year old Jessica Horan didn't think she had a twin brother named Niall Horan she forgot about him but he didn't forget about her. The second she sees him at a One Direction concert all childhood memories came flooding back. One boy has had a crush on her for a while read to find out who.


7. The one I trust

"JJ come live with us please." Niall said happily. "Only if May and June can too." I said crossing my arms. "Deal." Harry yelled. I can tell he likes June. "Yay let's go pack." June yelled. "Wait we don't know where you guys live."I said. "Text me I'll tell you the adress." Louis said writing his phone number on my hand. "Haha ok Lou." I said turning and walking to my car. "You like him." Alex said taking me from my daydream. "I DO NOT!" I yelled at him. "JJ we can tell you do." May said. "Ok but you can't tell anyone." I said glaring at them. "It's ok I like Harry." June said. "I like someone too but I can't say who." may said staring at the road because she was driving. "You LOVE me!" I tell. "Yurparoos!" She yelled we all burst out laughing. AN I'M SORRY I SAID ZAYN LOUIS AND HARRY NEEDS A GIRL I NOW MEAN ZAYN LIAM AND NIALL SORRY FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @KIPPMACEY NOT CAPS. EMAIL ME YOUR CONTEST SUBMISSION crazychic.80724@gmail.com JUST LIKE THAT. TELL ME U R FROM MOVELLAS AND ALSO MY KIK ghostship101 IT'S A GOOD MOVIE LOL.
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