Long Lost Love

18 year old Jessica Horan didn't think she had a twin brother named Niall Horan she forgot about him but he didn't forget about her. The second she sees him at a One Direction concert all childhood memories came flooding back. One boy has had a crush on her for a while read to find out who.


1. my two best friends

I woke up to my alarm clock blazing in my ear. I slapped the off button and literally rolled off my bed and hit my head off the floor HARD! "Jessica what happened!" My mom said running into my room. "I'm fine mom really." I said getting up running my head where I hit it. "Ok go get dressed for school." Mom said. I get up and get dressed in a zebra print top and pink skinnies. I also put on black converses I brush my bleached blonde hair. I French braided my hair and put a zebra headband.____________________________________________ sorry it's so short I have to play a game eight sister and mother yippie scarcasam so see you l8r.
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