Long Lost Love

18 year old Jessica Horan didn't think she had a twin brother named Niall Horan she forgot about him but he didn't forget about her. The second she sees him at a One Direction concert all childhood memories came flooding back. One boy has had a crush on her for a while read to find out who.


2. May and June

I went to school and went to my locker I saw May and June run over to me. "Omg Jess guess what!" June said way too loudly. "I don't know but I guess you are going to tell me." I said scarcasticly. "You are such a party pooper!" May said she brushed her fingers through her long red hair I always wanted her hair. "Whateves just tell me!" I say quite rudely. "Why do you have a black and blue mark on your head Jess?" June said poking my head. I looked in my mirror and saw a black and blue mark. "Oh I fell on my floor hard this morning so what were you going to tell me?" I said covering my bruise with makeup. "We got One Direction front row seats and V.I.P. back stage passes!" They both say at the exact same time. "Wow I made the best and worst decision to be best friends with identical twins." I say giggling. "You said it." My friend Alex said. "Did I get a ticket also?" He said scarcasticly. "Alex we actually did!" June.said showing 4 front row tickets and C.I.P. backstage passes. "Gurl you didn't have to do that." Alex said. "well we did you are our best friend also." May said hugging him. "We also know that you are a huge directioner even if you are a boy it's alright Niall likes Justin Bieber and not in a homo way silly boy." June said. She sure does.talk a lot.
I went to jessicas locker. "Hey um when's the concert?" I asked. "tonight do you need a lift to your house?" She said. "Tonight!! Omg yes please what time?" I asked putting her backpack over my shoulder as well as mine. "Ok get in the car." She said. She is one of the most popular girls at school and I am the popular boy. People.expect us.to be dating but we can't because.she is my distant cousin and any way I have s.gif crush on May but she doesn't see it cuz she likes that Liam boy from One.Direction believe me I am as huge.fan of theirs but I don't like Liam as much.
______________________________END sorry for shortness it's 1:20 in the morning get sorts tired so bye guise
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