Long Lost Love

18 year old Jessica Horan didn't think she had a twin brother named Niall Horan she forgot about him but he didn't forget about her. The second she sees him at a One Direction concert all childhood memories came flooding back. One boy has had a crush on her for a while read to find out who.


4. I know you know me

"Jessica why are you lying to me I know you remember me." Niall said almost in tears. "Why?" I said with tears threatening to escape my eyes. "Jess I had no choice Dad dragged me out of the house I'm sorry." He cried I knew he was telling the truth. "It's ok I believe you." I whispered so only he could hear. "Thank you so much for believing me Jessica." He said giving me a right hug. "Just do me one favor." I said breaking the hug. "Anything!" Niall said staring in my eyes. "Never call me He's, Jessica, or Jessie." I said glaring at everyone. "Then what do we call you?" Liam asked confused. "I call her Angel!" May said jumping on my back. "Her nickname for me is JK." Alex said texting his sister. "I call her MUFFIN no not really o call her JR." June said jumping on Alex he fell because he wasn't expecting that to happen. "I'll call u Jakie!" Lou said excitedly. "How is Jen?" Zayn asked. "Kewl I don't really care what you call me really but not Jess , Jessica, or Jesaid." I said serious
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