Long Lost Love

18 year old Jessica Horan didn't think she had a twin brother named Niall Horan she forgot about him but he didn't forget about her. The second she sees him at a One Direction concert all childhood memories came flooding back. One boy has had a crush on her for a while read to find out who.


6. another AN

Guys I'm really sorry but I'm on my phone writing this on the bus so.I'm running out of ideas and I'm having a contest I need someone to date Zayn Louis and Harry. They don't have girlfriends in this story. If you have any ideas write them in the comments. If you want to be in the contest email me at crazychic.80724@gmail.com I need your full name for the character your username age hair color eye color height sibbilings (story) you know the basics thank you in advance and good luck. -Macey
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