The Secret

Dahlia and Bre are sisters who travel through a journey to find and help the ones they love.


2. Our Life's NOW

Bre's P.O.V

Well if you guys think our life is going well now, it's not. We have a foster family we have been with them for about 5 years. They are not the normal happy family, my foster dad is really nice and tries to act like a good father figure, but it's my foster mom who is the problem. She is rude and has done bad things to my foster dad. She makes fun of everyone no matter who it is. She will do anything, if the other person likes it or not. One night we were all home, but the "foster-monster." She came home around 1 am in the morning David (foster dad) was so mad. He told her to leave and never come back. But she wouldn't leave, Barb kept trying to get him into their bedroom, but he wouldn't. She finally got him into a corner of the hallway. Barb starts to hug him and tell him she is sorry. Then out of nowhere she hits him in the head with a glass beer bottle. David falls to the ground, blood is gushing out of his hair and now on the floor. I ran towards him, but Barb told me if I touch him she would hurt me and to go to bed. I do as I am told, but regretting as soon as I turn the other way. After I thought what seemed like ages, i creeped into the hallway to see if David was okay or not. Their bedroom door was barely opened, but I could see through. At first all I see is David's hands handcuffed to the bed rail. The next thing was pretty weird. David is nake! Then Barb comes out nake out and Davids penis starts to straighten and goes limb. Barb jumps on the bed and starts to jack off Davids dick.There I sit unnoticed and watching my foster dad get a blowjob. Somehow I can't help, but watch. After Barb gives David the proper blowjob, David comes to his senses and realizes what is happening. He tried to get Barb off of him, but it was no use. David starts to yell, but Barb quickly grabs duct tape and covers his mouth with it. Then I knew what was going to happen next, so I run straight to my room trying to get that nasty picture out of my head, but can't. That night I can't sleep. It is 3am in the morning and I still hear Barbs and Davids bumps in the night. Then I see Dahlia sweet little face fast asleep and that's all I need and I'm asleep.






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