The Secret

Dahlia and Bre are sisters who travel through a journey to find and help the ones they love.


1. Our life in the past

Bre's P.O.V

So you already know that Dahlia and I are sisters, so yeah. We are both adopted, but from the same adoption center, so we already knew each other. I am 14 and she is 13 and a half. My parents gave me up for adoption because my dad got taken to jail and my mom couldn't afford to care for me.  Dahlia's story is way different than mine, both parents were killed from a robber. Her sister, Rachel, was about 8 when it happened so she hid and called the police to come help them. Then they ended up in different agencies. Dahlia knows about her sister, but she doesn't know what to do. She thinks about the pros and cons of seeing her sister for the first time.


She could be bad/evil to Dahlia

She might not care about her

She might be annoying


She might be nice and caring

She might kick ass and BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

She might try to adopt Dahlia and raise her as own

She will...there are so many what if's...


Dahlia's P.O.V

I have known Bre my whole life, I have known her longer than I have known my own family. She's one of the only ones I have left and I'm not EVER going to let her go. I'm very overprotective of her, but she thinks it's just me being a bitch, but I don't care. I have lost everyone, but her and.....Rachel. I haven't ever seen Rachel or even spoken a word to her. I'm not sure if she thinks about me, or even acts like I exist. Sometimes I wish I could talk to her, it's not like I don't like talking to Bre, but sometimes I want to talk to a grown up. I just have this feeling that if I tell someone at the adoption center about my problem that will be skypical about it. I mean really if you had to chose to see your sister or not I don't know what I would of the other adopted kids said they met their real brother and he turned out to be a big jerk and he physically abused them. I don't ever want that to happen to me. I guess my question will still go unanswered...

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