The Secret

Dahlia and Bre are sisters who travel through a journey to find and help the ones they love.


3. My Dream

Dahlia's P.O.V

So I'm waiting for Bre to come to bed, but it has been an hour so I just might as well go to sleep. When my eye lids come together a dream erupts in my mind. Its the day of the robbery, I'm 8 months old. Rachel is 8. Everyone is sleeping happily. Everything is silent, until.........the security alarm goes off. Everyone is up and out of bed trying to realize what is happening. I start  crying, Rachel comes and takes me out of my bed. I slowly stop crying and just look at her. Her round face, dirty-blonde layered hair, and her pretty blue eyes. Then a scream comes from mommy. Mommy says she saw someone downstairs and daddy just went down there. Then out of nowhere we all hear loud "BOOM BOOM BOOM!" Mommy says they are bullets that hurt you real bad and to hide from the bullet man. Mommy helps us hide, but there is no room for her, and we start to hear footsteps coming up the stair towards the room we are in. Mommy shuts the door we are hiding behind. She tells Rachel to cover my face with her hands so I won't cry. Then I think I won't cry because I am a good baby. Just as mom stops talking. The door to the room opens and the bullet man walks in. I look at Rachel, but she is looking through a crack on the door, so I look too. I see mommy standing

Mommy: Please don't do this! Take whatever you want, but don't hurt us!

Bullet Man: Sorry, but I have too...Us?

Mommy: Us?...there is only me.

Bullet Man: I heard you say Us...who else is here?

Mommy: No one...

Bullet Man: I don't like to be lyed too, tell me NOW!

Mommy: If I do, Will you hurt them?

Bullet Man:......No I promise I won't.

Mommy: Really?

Bullet Man: Yes, now who are they?

Mommy: It is my children, you leave them alone you hear?

Bullet Man: My boss says I have to kill everyone...How about I kill you and your husband...I already killed him tho, but I won't kill your kids, ok?

Mommy: (Crying Now) Ok, but if you hurt them I promise...I will haunt you in hell.

Bullet Man: They are in here, arent they?

Mommy: Maybe? Why do you care?

Bullet Man: Because....(Starts to Yell) Kids if you are in here, I want you to close your eyes and plug your ears and count to ten when I say so, ok?

Rachel: Ok.

Mommy: Rachel!

Rachel: Sorry Mommy!

Mommy: I love you, Rachel and Dahlia!

Bullet Man: Ok kids time to close your eyes and plug your ears and count to ten.

Rachel: Ok...Ready.

Bullet Man: Good Job....I'm sorry I have to do this.

Mommy: ( Crying and Begging on her knees) Please Don't!

Bullet Man: I have too, Bye (Pulls the trigger)

Boom, BOOM, BOOM..and then silents. I see police officers everywhere. yelling our names. Rachel comes out with me. The officers take us to a new house, but Rachel goes one way and I go another and I cry the whole way there.

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