Hey, My name is Cassandra but you can call me Cas okay get it got it good. This story is about how me and my best friend Olivia get kidnaped by who well you'll have to read the story to find out


5. The punishment

A/N this chapter has some mature content so don't like don't read.

Cas's pov. Harry threw me on the bed and tied me up. "Please Harry please don't do this" I said. "To bad you were naughty and this is your punishment". "No please Harry I'm a virgin please don't do this please" I begged but it was no use. He grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the straps of my shirt then down the front, he did the same thing with my pants and then I was laying in only my bra and underwear. He went t the chest and pulled out a whip. "If you don't behave I'll be forced to hit you and I have some rules for you to follow first, you don't call me Harry you call me master, second, no moving unless I tell you, you can move and third if you disobey I will make sure you can't walk after this". "Y-y-yes master" I said scared. Then he took all of his clothes of except from his boxers i could see a bulged in his boxers. Oh great I thought. A/N I forgot to say there is a bedside table. He took the scissors of the table beside the bed and started to cut the straps off my bra he reached his hand behind me and unclipped my bra and took it off I tried to cover myself but couldn't because I was tied up then he cut my underwear off he started to play with my boobs he started to suck on them. He started to kiss my stomach I tried not to move but it was so hard, then he kissed a bit lower and I flinched he looked up and screamed " what did I tell you" "not to move" I whispered quickly. He untied and told me to lay down on my stomach I did and then he started to hit my backside he grabbed the whip and whipped me a few times. He flipped me over and tied me back up. He then put himself in me and started thrusting I hurt so bad lets just say worst day ever.
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