Hey, My name is Cassandra but you can call me Cas okay get it got it good. This story is about how me and my best friend Olivia get kidnaped by who well you'll have to read the story to find out


4. The fall that changed it all

Cas's pov. I just layed there on the floor. They just looked at me that's when I got up and ran. I tried to keep going but I couldn't Harry was chasing me in circles because the front down was locked. I just stopped running and he crashed into me. "You've been a naughty girl and now I have to punish you" he said. He picked me up and carried me to a room it had a chest and a bed. This can't be good I thought. Meanwhile, (Olivia's pov) when she ran and Harry went after her I started to laugh. It was so funny how nobody noticed her till she fell over a rock. Suddenly, the boys looked at me like I was mental. So I glared at them and believe me if looks could they would be died. Then I couldn't be serious any longer so I screamed," I knew you were trouble when you walked in oh in knew you were trouble when yo" that's when Louis put his hand on my mouth.
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