Hey, My name is Cassandra but you can call me Cas okay get it got it good. This story is about how me and my best friend Olivia get kidnaped by who well you'll have to read the story to find out


11. The date part 1

Olivia's pov. Cass walked into my room. What do you need? I asked. Nothing, Louis is taking you out on a date and it's my mission to pretty you up she said while walking to my closet. I think I can handle myself I said. No you can't, you don't know where your going Cass said. Fine you can choose my outfit I sighed. Yay she screamed from my closet. You really need to stop screaming I told her. Sorry I can't help it I'm just so excited she explained. Okay I said. Perfect Cass said. She walked out of my closet with a high-low waisted dress with a brown belt and brown wedges. I put it on in the bathroom and walked out. I love it I told her. I know I got style she said while looking at her nails. We both started laughing so hard we were rolling on the ground. Then Cass hit her head off my bed and then she started to cry and laugh at the same time. Suddenly we heard running then Harry came running through my door saw Cass and asked why is she crying and laughing? I explained why and he just shook his head and walked out of the room chuckling. Okay now done to business Cass said. She took me into the bathroom. She straightened my hair then she did my makeup she used a champaign colored eyeshadow and winged out my eyeliner then she put eyeliner on my water line then she out some mascara on my lashes. Your ready now go Louis should be downstairs Cass said. Okay bye Cass I said to her. But Cass being Cass she ran ahead of me and said introducing the fabulouis Olivia. I walked down the stairs and everyone said I look great. Louis walked up and said I looked beautiful. Thanks I said while blushing. Cass walked up to Louis and said you hurt her you die I mean it. Okay said Louis. Then we left.
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