Hey, My name is Cassandra but you can call me Cas okay get it got it good. This story is about how me and my best friend Olivia get kidnaped by who well you'll have to read the story to find out


7. Explanation

Olivia's pov- she left without me. How am I supposed to escaped I thought. "Please let me explain why we kidnapped you girls" Harry said. "Okay" I said. "So Paul said we had to kidnap two girls and do bad things to see what happens and how they react by those things because we're the worlds biggest boy band he wants to see if girls react differently and your friend Cas seems to have a thing for running"Harry said. Then we heard a howl. "Wtf" they all said." That's Cas" I said. "We have a call for each other"I said." Follow the sounds of the howls and you'll find her" I told Harry. With that he left to find Cas.
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