It can't be

Gabriella is a shy girl. When Nathan come into her life she changes. He brother/best friend didn't approve of this. Is Nathan just using her or is he in love?


4. Together forever!!

I was thirsty. Great!

I hope I won't go after anyone.

"Hey Gabriella." Montana said. She was my only friend. Sad right?

"Hey." I said. I smelt her blood. Oh Gab calm down. I shut my eyes tightly and closed my mouth as tight as I could.

"Gab, are you alright? You seem different..." She said.

"Mhm." I said still trying not to go all vamp on her. (Lolz)

"Ok... Se ya around," with that she walked off.

I ran to the bathroom and opened my eyes and just let my fangs show. Ahh, how it feels good to just let go.

"Gabriella? Are you in there?" Nathan said while banging on the door. I hissed and calmed myself down. My fangs didn't go back in though...

"Yes!! What do you care?!" I screamed.

"I'm sorry!!! I just got mad cause you didn't tell me bout your scar!" He screamed back. I looked at the shoulder where the scar was. Wait, used to be. It was gone!!!! Yay!!! But not my fangs...

I walked out the bathroom and looked up at Nathan. He didn't look sorry one bit! Gosh he was a jerk! I'm starving. His blood sent hit me like a bolder! Oh I can just take one bite! I bit into his neck he screamed in pain. Then he blacked out. I bit my wrist and had him drink my blood. He instantly started sucking but I had to move it away before he drunk to much.

"What the hell?!" He screamed.

"You're a vampire don't worry." I said.

"Ok" he said calmly.

"Now we can be together forever!" I squealed.

"Haha your too cute!" He said hugging me.

"You wanna catch a bite?" I said winking.

"Yup..." He said. We both ran off in vamp speed.
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