It can't be

Gabriella is a shy girl. When Nathan come into her life she changes. He brother/best friend didn't approve of this. Is Nathan just using her or is he in love?


3. The twist!!

I stormed out of there, hurt and mad filled my heart. I can't do this anymore!!!!!!!! I run home with tears falling one after another.

"Hey Gab where were y-" Ryan started.

"What the fuck happened to your neck?!" He was talking about the big ass hickey that Nathan left. He know not to speak of my scar.

"Nathan he-he did it." I said hoping that he will say something like "make sure it doesn't happen again" or something like that.

"What?! Where dose he live ill fucking kill his ass!!!!" He started screaming and yelling and going crazy. He was like my father almost but he wasn't aloud to hit me. I ran up to my room while Ryan was going on a rampage.

"Darling no need to be scared, the big bad monster who gave you that scar is coming back. The one who did you the favor." A voice inside my head rang.

"What?! Who are you?! How do you know about the scar?!" I screamed.

"Calm down. Sweet pea you know
I won't hurt you anymore." He said still in my head.

"Shut up!! You killed me!!! turned me!!! You can't do anything worst!!!" This time I screamed on the top of my lungs!

"I know I know, but you can't do shit about it!" He said he was getting louder. This time when he spoke it sounded like he was right behind me. No, he can't. I turned around, and there he was sitting on the edge of my bed with and evil smirk plastered on his face.

There he was, Dustin. My first love, who ended up being a vampire. He bit me. I'm never EVER going back down that road!

"Sweet pea, you know I can hear you. And why did you go down that road In the first place?!" He said calmly.

Curse there vampire special hearing!

"You can curse me all you want, babe. Cause one day you'll be mine again, forever!" With that he was gone.






The next morning I was terrified! My fangs grew in last night after Dustin left. My brother needs to know. But what was a 20 year old gonna do about it?! Not even my mom knows!!! I was thirsty. Great!

hey everybody who reads this!!! Sorry for the short chapter!!! What do you think? A real twist right? So what do you thing will happen next?!
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