It can't be

Gabriella is a shy girl. When Nathan come into her life she changes. He brother/best friend didn't approve of this. Is Nathan just using her or is he in love?


5. He is coming back into my life

While we were walking through the woods we saw Dustin drinking some girls blood. Damn!

"Well, look who got there fangs!" Dustin said with a evil smirk.

"Yeah and I used them right!" I said motioning towards Nathan.

"Is he your b-boyfriend?" He stuttered. He looked mad. He actually cared about me? Wow.

"Yes." I said.

He flashed over to Nathan. Wow Dustin was taller than him.

"Listen here buddy, she is mine! Not yours. So if you mess up, I will kill you with my own two hands. Got it?" Dustin said in his face.

Nathan nodded quickly. Dustin pushed Nathan and Nathan blacked out when his head hit the tree.

"Will you be mine?" Dustin said looking over to me.


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