It can't be

Gabriella is a shy girl. When Nathan come into her life she changes. He brother/best friend didn't approve of this. Is Nathan just using her or is he in love?


2. Bad ideas

After school I texted Nathan.

Hey Nathan it's Gabriella...

Oh hey babe! My house,

I know but I have no ride!!! :(

Oh where r u now?

In front of the school

Oh, I'll come and pick u up. ;)

Ok can't wait!!! xxx

Ok I'll be there in a sec

With that he pulled up to the curb. I opened the door and crawled into the passenger seat.

"Hey sexy lady." He said with a smirk. I looked down followed by a blush.

"Mhm." I murmured.

"Your too cute!" He said. I giggled and a strand of my white hair fell out of my beanie. I took off my beanie and let my crazy white hat hair lose. I pulled down the mirror and fixed my hair. I pulled out my brush from my bag and brushed out my hair. It fell to right under my breasts. They are a nice size. Not tiny and not huge.

"Nice umm uhh..." He said. I knew he complimenting my boobs. I smirked and said "thanks."

-at Nathan's house-

He had a nice flat. I mean apartment.

"I-is this yours?" I asked him

"Yeah I live alone." He said back

"Ok..." I said and sat on the couch. I placed my beanie on my lap. Nathan walk in front of the coffee table in front of me. My beanie fell to the ground. I leaned forwards and picked it up. I spotted Nathan peering down my shirt. Haha what a surprise! *note the sarcasm.*

"So what are we going to do?" I asked awkwardly. I stood up and stood in front of him. He pinned me up to the wall in a suducing way. I broke the space in between our lips. He liked my bottom lip begging for entrance I let him in. He smiled through our kiss. Our lips moved in sync. Mmm how I wanted him bad. He moved away from my lips too my jaw, down my neck to my sweet spot. Once he touched I let a moan escape my lips. He smirked and sucked there. I moaned even louder but not to loud. He stopped and I looked at him begging for more, he shook his head. I sighed. He chuckled a bit and pushed my hair over one shoulder, the sleeve on the other shoulder moved down my arm. Revealing my scar.

He gasped at the site at it. I turned sad and afraid he didn't like me anymore.

"W-what happened-d?" He said his voice was shaky.

"None of your business!" I said coldly. I didn't mean for that to slip out. My mood changed from annoyance to sadness,

"Well if your going to be like that, get out!" He said with a disappointed but angry voice.

"But-" I started when I got cut off by him.

"I SAID LEAVE YOU BITCH!!!" He screamed at me. A tear left his eye but he quickly wiped it away. Me on the other hand, had tears falling like there was no tomorrow.

"Ok, but it's your mistake!!!" I said.
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