Is Our Love Real?

Larissa is worried when her boyfriend Harry Styles leaves to go on the X-Factor. He promised to remember her.. But he forgot. She becomes 1D's wardrobe girl. When Harry reconizes her will she take him back or will she fall for his best mate Louis? Read to find out. (BTW this is my first fanfic!!!)


5. What!!!

Harry POV: when Lou left i walked into Rissa's room "hey srry about earlier. do you maybe wanna go out with me? not as GF and BF though. but we can do that too." "srry but Lou and i re going on a date, and we're BF and GF." "WHAT" i yelled. man im was going to kill Louis. "arent you happy for us Haz?" Yea, wait did you jusy call me Haz?" "yeah cuz thats your nickname, right?" ya srry gotta go." i mumbled. love is so confusing



Larissa POV: man Haz has been acting weird, Very weird. wonder why. then i got a text: (h=Harry-l=Larissa)

h: srry bout earlier

l:no prob

h:wat r u doing

l:getting ready 4 my date w/Lou

h:oh yea rite. wanna hang out tommorow

l:maybe can Lou come?

h:i guess

l:gotta go

h:c u soon x

l:bye x

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