Is Our Love Real?

Larissa is worried when her boyfriend Harry Styles leaves to go on the X-Factor. He promised to remember her.. But he forgot. She becomes 1D's wardrobe girl. When Harry reconizes her will she take him back or will she fall for his best mate Louis? Read to find out. (BTW this is my first fanfic!!!)


3. I'll Think About It

Louis POV: wow, i cant stop thinking about Larissa. she is so damn HOT! too bad i think that she is already  with Harry. aww well i'll give it a shot. since she'll be living with us ill ask her out when we get to the house. here they come."thime to go"Liam says bringing me back to reality.


Larissa POV: "umm. i dont think i want to get back together with you right now.i said. "why not love?" " you broke up with me and said you were going to remember me! why sould i?" "i remembered your full name!" "no you remembered 1/3 of my name! you probaly looked at my file of wrote it on your hand!" i exclaimed.


Harry POV: i cant believe she said no. i mean i remembered her name. im so pissed at her! "you know what i never liked you!i yelled at her. "you were a bet" "i know you dont mean that" she exclaimed. she was right i didnt mean that. when im angry i say things without thinking then i later regret them. "your right i dint im so sorry. i just am so nervous about us and when im around you." "i'll think about it though. lets go now."


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