Is Our Love Real?

Larissa is worried when her boyfriend Harry Styles leaves to go on the X-Factor. He promised to remember her.. But he forgot. She becomes 1D's wardrobe girl. When Harry reconizes her will she take him back or will she fall for his best mate Louis? Read to find out. (BTW this is my first fanfic!!!)


1. I'll Miss You

Larissa POV:"Hey babe, guess what... I'm going on the X-Factor!" Harry said."great" I tried to be as enthusiastic as possible cuz I really didnt want him to go. dont get me wrong I want Harry to live out his dreams but it'll mean that he'll be away for 2 yrs. I know I sound like a bad GF, but I dont want him to go. "are you ok"Harry asks me? "ya" just thinking. "me too. look Larissa I think we should break up, you know how hard it is to keep a long distance relationship" Harry said. at first i was stunned, I cant believe he just said that, but it was true I know it's hard to keep a long distance relationship. I wanted to punch homin the face, but instead i said "okay. will you remember me?" "Of course I will. I will never forget you Larissa Kimberly Carpenter you willalways be in my heart. but the question is when i'm super famous will you come to my concert?" "yes, of couse I will. will you mention me in your speeches as one of your supporters?" "totally" "oh shit i gotta go' Harry says while ooking at his IPhone 5 " see ya soon I hope" Harry says while leaving through the front door. 'Bye!! I'll miss you!!" I shout but doubt he heard me.

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